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The Best True Crime Podcasts of All Time.

The Best True Crime Podcasts of All Time. 

Criminal - Criminal is one of my favourite podcasts of all time. Each episode is about a different, interesting occurrence that is either criminal in nature or relates to criminality. Its a broad scope but it allows for the most interesting stories to be told. Every episode is interesting, well researched and informative. The host Phoebe Judge, has the most soothing voice I have personally ever heard and manages to get the best of every case. 

Someone Knows Something - Someone Knows Something has just recently come back for another season and I'm very excited. SKS is one of my favourite of the bunch not only because it covers very interesting cases but also because of the production value. David Ridgen, the creator, is such a great story teller and really has the ability to transport you to the environments he is examining in an almost hypnotic way. Combine this with true crime and you have a surreal but seductive combination. 

Let’s Go to Court - Let's Go To Court has been going for a few years now but I have only just started listening over the past few months and already sailed through most of the back catalogue. It tells the stories of the interesting, ridiculous, funny and down right ludicrous court cases that have seen their way through the U.S justice system. The hosts, Brandi Egan and Kristin Caruso are hilarious and always manage to inject humour without overshadowing the cases involved. I love listening whilst doing household chores as it makes the time fly by. 

Death in Ice Valley - Death in Ice Valley investigates the very famous case of The Isdal Woman, an unidentified person whose body was found in 1970 in Isdalen in Bergen, Norway. There are many strange circumstances surrounding her death, including a clear effort to hide her identity, which has led many to speculate wildly about her death and perhaps more importantly her life. Death in Ice Valley conducts a thorough investigation into the circumstances surrounding the Isdal Woman whilst cultivating an almost Twin Peaks aura of calm and serenity amongst the chaos. Highly enjoyable, strangely soothing. 

The Shrink Next Door - The Shrink Next Door is, at first glance, one of the outliers on this list as it isn't immediately clear what crime has taken place. It documents one mans relationship with his therapist and how it drastically changes his life and ultimately his own sense of self. It's difficult to describe without giving too much away but if you want an example of a master manipulator playing the long game, this is it. 

Lost in Larrimah - Lost in Larrimah is another one that is a bit of an outlier on this list but it really is a wonderful podcast. It sets out aiming to investigate the disappearance of a man from a rural (and I mean rural) Australian community but becomes so much more than what it starts out as. Part true crime, part psychological delve into the paranoia, jealousy and cabin fever that can set in when you are truly a thousand miles away from civilisation and everyone in town hates each other.  

Your Own Backyard - Your Own Backyard is another relatively new podcast by Chris Lambert, who seemingly with few resources (sorry Chris if that's not right) carries out a great investigation into the disappearance of Kristin Smart, a student from California Polytechnic State University, who went missing in 1996. It's officially unsolved but Lambert lays out a very reasonable, convincing case that the culprit is in fact known.

Accused - Accused is a podcast put out by the folks at the Cincinnati Enquirer, examining cases that officially are solved but there are clearly red flags. With podcasting having a lot of amateur and armchair investigators (not knocking them, many have done great work) its refreshing to see a newspaper putting the time and resources into good old fashioned investigative journalism, especially in such an innovative medium. The cases on Accused are always investigated very well and it feels almost like a behind the scenes look at investigative journalism. 

Hide and Seek - Hide and Seek explores the disappearance of Nancy Moyer, a mother from Tenino, Washington who has not been seen since 2009. Her disappearance was very out of character as she was a dedicated parent, however she was recently divorced and dating again meaning her social circle had widened and her family wasn't aware of all of her new friends. The case has recently seen some activity due to the podcast so give it a listen. 

The Shocking Details - A new podcast hosted by Joe from the now defunct Thinking Sideways podcast (RIP) and film maker Vincent Caldoni, if you liked Thinking Sideways (again RIP) you'll like The Shocking Details. It examines strange cases across the spectrum from true crime, to paranormal activity, to historical events. I really like TSD as the hosts are both very knowledgable and informative and give a balanced perspective. I am not really into supposed paranormal events all that much but the hosts apply a lot of logic and reason to strange situations, whilst staying very open minded and creating interesting theories. This is definitely the podcast for you if you are into the 'unexplained' in all forms.  

In the Dark - In the Dark is another podcast by investigative journalists and similar in someways to Accused.  I would highly recommend their second season about the case of Curtis Flowers, a man who has been tried the most times for the same crime in U.S history. The people at In the Dark do a really good job of investigating and laying out the case and their has recently been some movement in it.  

The following is a list of podcasts that definitely deserve to be in this list but I wrote about recently in my Best True Crime Podcasts to Self-isolate To, so I won't repeat myself and just link you to that!

Root of Evil 
The Lady Vanishes 
The Teachers pet 
Bear Brook 

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