Monday, 20 April 2020

Jealous Sweets || Grizzly Bears Review.

Jealous Sweets Grizzly Bears.

I have been vegetarian for about a decade now and eat about 90% vegan diet, as well as having been completely vegan for several significant periods. However, something I have never been great with is checking whether the sweets I am eating are gelatine free/vegan. It's always been the one thing that has slipped through the net of my otherwise string vegetarianism. This year, though, I have made a real effort to actually check and be more conscious about it. This, has been made significantly easier by the introduction of Jealous Sweets into my life.

I picked them up on day in Asda, along with a few other vegan brand sweets and was pleasantly surprised by how much I loved them. I love gummy bears but most of them aren't veggie and a lot of veggie/vegan ones I have tried in the past I haven't been keen on the texture and the flavour has always been very lacking. So when I picked them up I didn't have particularly high hopes. BUT I WAS WRONG!!!

The flavour of the Grizzly Bears is spot on. Really fruity, well balanced flavour and the texture is also really nice, still gummy and super satisfying. I really like the four choices of flavour, Lemon, Orange, Apple and Strawberry, they mix really well if you wanna just shovel a load down but all individually have a lot of flavour. They are some of my favourite sweets I have ever tried and it is really nice to have a basic sweet like gummy bears easily available. | think the packaging is really cute but still slick and they are also at a really good price point. Bonus points for being available in supermarkets too! I also recently bought a case of them online (because quarantine right now, don't judge) and they actually lasted me a decent amount of time, without feeling like I was in anyway rationing them.

Overall would highly recommend if you are veggie/vegan or just trying to be more conscious about your food choices!! Jealous Sweets also have a good few other varieties that I can't wait to try soon!

Have you tried any Jealous Sweets yet?


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