Monday, 23 March 2020

Best True Crime Podcasts to Self Isolate To.

Root of Evil. 

This is a list of long format (single case) true crime podcasts to listen to if you are self isolating/social distancing at the moment. As a disabled person who often has to spend long periods social distancing for physical and mental health reasons I thought I would share some of the podcasts I listen to.

I really like true crime podcasts, particularly single case one's, because they are so engrossing. Although they can be a bit intense when things are bad (and boy are they right now) after a while of trying happy distractions I find they lose their potency. After a while or constantly trying to bring your mood up it can become more tiring to maintain. Distraction via a well produced, thorough and intriguing podcast is the perfect antidote.

Root of Evil 

Root of Evil is an intense podcast to say the least. It is not for the faint of heart. Centring around the Hodel family, it explores horrific abuse, it's legacy and a very very compelling connection to one of the most shocking killings of all time. It is engrossing as hell and such a deep insight not only into a case but also a families attempts to survive and heal.

The Lady Vanishes 

The Lady Vanishes is an Australian true crime podcast and is probably one of my favourite of the past few years. It explored the case of Marion Barter, a teacher who went missing from Queensland in 1997. Her disappearance however was incredibly complex and it was initially believed she has left of her own free will. However, her daughters refusal to give up searching led to 7 News in Australia beginning an investigation into Marion and finding some truly bizarre details. 

Bear Brook

Bear Brook is an exploration of a very famous case that has intrigued the internet since the beginning of online true crime communities. In 1985 a barrel was found in Allenstown, New Hampshire containing two bodies but very little answers. In 2000, 15 years later, another barrel was found. That should be enough to get you hooked.

The Nighttime Podcast (Emma Fillipof is Missing)

The Nighttime Podcast by Jordan Bonaparte explores a number of different themes and cases each episode. However, a little while back, after covering the case of missing person Emma Fillipof, Bonaparte continued unravelling the case and created a separate feed for the episodes. The case of Emma Fillipof is a very interesting one with numerous theories regarding her whereabouts and possible demise.

In the Dark 

In the Dark focuses on a new case each season the first being the case of Jacob Wetterling, whose disappearance remained a mystery for 27 years and the second is the case of Curtis Flowers who has been incarcerated since 1996 for the shootings of four people and tried six times for the crime, believed to be the most in U.S history. The two cases are very different but the team at In the Dark do some great, detailed investigative work into both cases and is definitely for you if you like getting down to the finer details.

Missing & Murdered 

Missing and Murdered is a Canadian podcast that each season has focused on the case of a missing or murdered indigenous person. Although wildly underreported, there is a shockingly high rate of murdered indigenous women in Canada, and M&M not only does great investigative work into the case it features each season but also highlights and educates listeners on a long standing but ignored social travesty.  

The Teachers Pet 

The Teachers Pet is another Australian podcast that surrounds the case of Lynette Dawson, a missing women since 1982. Dawson's disappearance also intersects with institutional abuse, how abusers can hide in plain site and how systemic it can all be. If you like a really in-depth investigation that surrounds a case from all angles, The Teachers Pet is great. I don't want to give too much away but the podcast's investigation has been so successful that major headway is made. If you don't like spoilers don't google the case or read any summaries!

Let me know if you have any recommendations for me!

Take care! x

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