Saturday, 22 February 2020

Best Vegan Food In Brighton (2020 Update)

As we are in 2020 now I thought I would do an updated list of the best places for Vegan food in Brighton. I eat out way too much. Completely unjustifiably. (Seriously, check out my instagram stories, my shame is all there) But it does mean I have a reasonably good gage on where is good!

So without delay or too much rambling here is the good stuff;


Chilli Tofu Don - Pompoko

Pompoko is amazing. I don't think a thing has changed in about the last 8 years I have been visiting here. Including the price. It's affordable with friendly and fast service. Not a great place for large groups of people as it is small and I don't think they take reservations, but worth a shot as they are always willing to accommodate. Personally I go for the tofu, which is cooked perfectly (crispy on the outside but soft within) but they also meat and an array of options so a good place to go with non-vegan/veggie friends. Would highly recommend getting the Yubamaki, as I've never had or seen anything else quite like it as well as the chilli tofu don pictured.

What the Pitta!

Vegan Kebab, What the Pitta!

Don't leave Brighton without trying What the Pitta! All vegan, they started out in London before coming to Brighton at the end of 2018 and I believe they now have a few more outlets in London. The bread is freshly made, doughy and soft, the salads and sauces are all really fresh and tasty but their mock kebab meat is truly something else. Even their fries are really good and they recently started doing chicken nuggets too. I never have enough room for everything but somehow I still always try.

Carlito Burrito

IMO Carlito Burrito does the best Mexican food in Brighton. It's somewhere I eat at/order from a lot and have done so for years, even back when it was a food truck, because it's so tasty. A lot of bold flavours that all blend perfectly, that are really fresh and even after probably eating too much, there is so much veg that I don't feel too bad. Vegan cheese is also available as on option on burritos as well as a vegan cheese quesadilla. They also make some of their own sauces, which are really good as well great different cocktails, particularly their variants on Margaritas, like the Hibiscus Margarita shown above. Bonus points also for their interior design, if you are in Brighton, very much worth a visit.

Beelzebab @ the Hope and Ruin

The Norm Dog, Beelzebab. 

Beelzebab, I believe, started doing vegan kebabs from a truck/stall but have grown a lot and now have a permanent kitchen at The Hope and Ruin. They now do hot dogs, loaded fries, vegan chicken kebabs, desserts. Great vegan junk food and once a month they hold a burger night and always have a hot dog of the month, making some truly unique creations. Check out their insta for a taste.
Also bonus points for being super near the train station, ideal for anyone visiting Brighton or just passing through.

Green Kitchen

Green Kitchen Meat Free Rashers

Green Kitchen is a great breakfast spot, serving classic British cafe food but veganised. They do a range of options but their fry up is really great and they make their own vegan bacon rashers. Which are so good in fact they are now sold in other shops in the local area, with a percentage of every sale going to The Retreat Animal Rescue, to help pigs live happy lives at their sanctuary.  

Purezza "The One With The Tomatoes" with Seitan Salami, Potatoes, Sundried Tomatoes & Olives.
Like What the Pitta! Purezza started out in London and made such good food they now have a few branches one of which we are lucky enough to have in Brighton. Purezza make excellent pizza's. They have a number of different bases inc. a GF base and are all vegan and their vegan cheese is homemade. They do some interesting choices but all of their basics are great and you can build your own. Definetly somewhere I take people visiting Brighton to show off Brighton vegan food.

Honorable Mention:

This place isn't eat in (as far as I know) so not ideal if you are just visiting Brighton for the day but if you are a resident, this place will satisfy your vegan chinese cravings. They do lots of great vegan options but are famous for their vegan chicken balls and vegan duck.


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