Sunday, 17 April 2016

5 Amazing Vegetarian & Vegan Blogs.

The Tofu Diaries, Sprouted Kitchen, Oh She Glows, The Post Punk Kitchen
Clockwise: The Tofu Diaries, Sprouted Kitchen, Oh She Glows, The Post Punk Kitchen x 2.
I am a vegetarian but eat about a 90% vegan diet. I love to cook, but I'm super lazy. I am also really fussy about what I eat and am very indecisive. This makes dinner time somewhat... challenging. In order to make life a little easier I have a stash of amazing vegetarian and vegan blogs that I turn too when nothing is taking my fancy and I need some inspiration!

The PPK/The Post Punk Kitchen -  Run by the wonderful Isa Chandra-Moskowitz, really is the vegan holy grail. I have all of her books and I reach for them constantly! The PPK is amazing because it has hundreds and hundreds of recipes, all different cuisines, but all equally delicious. I have been so inspired by all of Isa's recipes over the years with some of my favourites being Everyday Pad Thai & Black Bean & Quinoa Soup If you are looking to impress, then this is the place for you! Isa also writes amazing cookbooks and even though I love going online for recipes, these are worth having a hard copy of!

The Tofu Diaries/Natalie Tamara - Natalie is a gifted food photographer who makes really tasty but really healthy recipes that seriously give me the hunger. Her recipes are so easy to follow and she uses a lot of really basic ingredients that are readily available. Although simple her recipes are still inventive and I really look forward to cooking them! Natalie also writes about other things too like Travel and her site is a lovely place to spend an hour!

Oh She Glows - Oh she Glows has been a favourite of mine for a while now. Angela creates such delicious recipes that are super healthy but also manage to feel really indulgent at the same time. Angela started Oh She Glows as a way to record her recovery from an eating disorder and show the impact that food has on our lives. As someone who has been through something similar I really relate to not only her story but also her focus on feeding to body and nutrition but still enjoying the process and feeling healthy and nourished. Just take a look at her Next Level Vegan Enchiladas and try and tell me your not hungry.

Sprouted Kitchen - Two words. Food Porn. Sprouted Kitchen both makes me hungry and envious. It is such a beautiful blog, simple, clean and so well crafted! It's a vegetarian blog but they also have loads of great vegan recipes that are really veg focussed, healthy and nutritious. What I love about Sprouted Kitchen is that everything is just a little bit fancy and special but still relatively simple to cook using pretty basic ingredients!

Buzzfeed - It sounds weird but Buzzfeed are actually a deep well of Vegetarian and Vegan knowledge! They're more of a place to find other peoples recipes, rather than their own but I have found so many new blogs to follow through them! They write great themed lists, like 41 Delicious Vegan Thanksgiving Recipes (not so relevant in the UK, but still delicious) and its great if you wanna try out some new recipes.

Have you got a favourite Vegetarian/Vegan Blog?

Let me know!

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