Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Hotter Shoes.

Belle Boots by Hotter Shoes Review
The 'Belle' Boots.

 Me and shoes have a complicated relationship. The words 'shoe shopping' usually send a cold chill down my spine. My mother can attest to the hundreds of hours we spent, when I was a child, desperately shoving my feet into any shoes that would fit. Sadly, as an adult, this only got worse and my shoe options have been limited, to say the least. This often leaves me having to wear something I hate and often pay a fortune for.

 There is a serious lack of brands out there that pay attention to the quality and comfort of their shoes. So, when one does come on my radar, I get pretty excited. Hotter is one of them.

Hotter Shoes Vanity Boots
The 'Vanity Boot'.
Recently, I was lucky enough to meet with the lovely folks at Hotter and take a look around their brand new Brighton location. I was also give the chance to take some of their shoes out for a test drive (well...walk?) and have been so happy with them! I have been looking for a staple pair of high black boots for a really long time now but had given up being able to find ones that would suit my specific requirements (Comfort, room for orthotics etc.)

 The shoes I chose were the 'Belle Boots' and at first I thought there was no way they would work with my awful feet but they fit beautifully and somehow manage to accommodate my orthotics really well. The zip goes right from the very top to the very bottom meaning they are super easy to get on. They also have quite a bit of stretch for different leg sizes, as well as a Standard and Wide Leg option, which I think is brilliant!

 They have also just been so comfortable. Usually a 'comfortable' shoe denotes a kind of frumpy, awkward style, so finding something that is actually pretty and comfortable makes my life so much easier! Hotter are known for their focus on quality and comfort but recently their attention to style and design has been amazing. I really noticed how well crafted each shoe was and they are just producing such great styles. I honestly cannot wait to try more!

The Hotter team are also just lovely, down to earth and it was great meeting people who were clearly passionate about what they do. Since 2010 Hotter have opened a new store every month (which is incredible) so if you haven't seen them near you, chances are, you will soon.

Have you tried Hotter shoes before?

Let me know!!


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