Thursday, 26 November 2015

Juliet at Home Sweet Pea & Mint Candle.

Juliet at Home Sweet Pea & Mint Candle.
Juliet at Home Sweet Pea & Mint Candle.
I am a candle person. I just think they bring so much warmth into the house and really help make it a home. And yes, I know what you are thinking "A blogger that loves candles, how novel..." I know, I fit the stereotype but I wouldn't be without them. I burn them all year round. In the winter though, I literally have one on the go constantly, come morning or evening! I am burning it as I write this and I feel so cozy and warm, whilst the wind batters my windows and the heavens open!

I was sent this beautiful candle by the folks at Juliet at Home in the scent Sweet Pea & Mint. It has a really fresh, minty scent and from the second I opened it even, it has left every inch of the room feeling clean and refreshed. Although a fresher scent is bit more unusual in winter, over heavier and spiced scents, it has been really nice having something a little uplifting and lighter in contrast. 

Juliet at Home Sweet Pea & Mint Candle.
Juliet at Home Sweet Pea & Mint Candle.

During the colder months, getting that fresh, clean air scent can be hard to achieve without opening my windows and freezing to death! As that is not a preferable choice, having a fresher scented candle is a good balance. I also love the combination if the sweet pea and mint. It's not too sweet and leaves the room with a subtle, but invigorating scent. It is very much welcomed at this gloomy time of year.

It also burns really evenly and seems to have a good, strong, thick wick (try saying that 10 times fast) adding lot of light and warmth. The packaging is also really cute and has been brightening up my shelf perfectly. Juliet at Home also do an amazing range of unusual scents, in their 'Kitchen Larder' range. Everything from seasonal Mince Pie to Cucumber Sandwich to Sweet Violet and Angelica. I love interesting, unexpected scents and I think the they would make a great present or stocking filler with a scent for everyone!

Are you a candle fanatic too? Juliet at Home are also offering a discount code BLACKFRIDAY for 10% starting at midnight tonight! 

Are you a candle fanatic too? 

Let me know!


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