Friday, 9 October 2015

Worst Blogging Habits!

Worst Blogging Habits!
I have been blogging for a little over a year and a half now. During that time I have made many strides and learnt so much! I have, though, also picked up a few bad habits that creep up on me time and time again. These weak spots are constantly something I am trying to overcome but I am still very stuck in my ways. For now I will just have to keep trying...

Finishing Posts - I currently have 36 posts in my drafts folder, all very much unfinished! For some reason I can never finish a post. Often this is because I can't get the right photo or image as I really struggle in that area but sometimes it is just me being scattered! I find focusing on one thing for an extended period of time very difficult. I long for the day when my concentration it at a point when I can start and finish a post in one sitting! Sadly I don't think it will be coming any time soon so for now I will have to put up with an overflowing 'drafts' folder.

Consistency - I dont always turn out content as consistantly as much as I would like. Sometimes its due to health problems and legit reasons but often I overthink and overcomplicate things way to much. Like I mentioned before I am very scattered but I am also very self critical. If I dont think I have done a good (enough) job on something I won't publish it. I also have a lot of personal posts that are pretty much waiting to go but will chicken out of publishing them!

Completely Ignoring Platforms - I am so behind on my Pinterest account, I usually forget I have one >.<  I am so bad at ignoring social platforms/accounts because I always focus on one at a time! Twitter is my far my most favoured but at the moment I am trying to harder to use Instagram more and doing a bit better. I find juggling lots of things at once pretty hard! I don't exactly lead the most exciting life either so I often worry about boring people!

Being Scared - I often have a lot of posts or things I really would like to write about but I am way to scared of being judged! I find putting myself out there online really rewarding and it has helped me over come a lot and be a bit more comfortable with myself. I do though, still struggle with focusing too much on what people might think. I am really bad at comparing myself to others and judging myself a little too harshly. I am definitely my own worst enemy! I am currently trying really hard to cut myself some more slack and it is really helping me just go for things and accomplish a lot more.

 Do you have any bad habits, blogging or otherwise you are working on?

Let me know!


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