Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Zoeva 106 Vegan Powder Brush.

Zoeva 106 Vegan Powder Brush
I have been wanting to try out some of the Zoeva brushes for a really long time. I have heard so many good things about them so when I saw how affordable they were I only wanted them more! Before I invested some money in a really good brush set, I thought I would give at least one of them a go first. I ordered mine though the Beauty Bay, which is an amazing site if you have not used it yet and very reasonably priced. I chose the 106 Vegan Powder Brush as I thought that a powder brush would give me really good idea of their texture and a powder brush is probably one of the few I will actually use most days.

The bristles (vegan obviously) are really, really soft and feel great against my skin. I was a little hesitant in ordering the vegan brush as sometimes they can be a little scratchy or irritating but the Zoeva vegan bristles are really soft. They hold onto product really well and distribute really evenly and lightly. The head of the brush is a little on the smaller size whereas I prefer mine to be a little larger but since using it a few weeks I no longer notice it. The handle is also much shorter than my other brushes, which is a little annoying as it gets a little lost amongst them. It does mean though that you are able to control the brush more carefully (which isn't such an issue for a powder brush but it will be for others) leading to a bit more precision.

Overall I think that it is a great brush and I have really been enjoying using it. Especially considering the price I think it is a really great buy and has really made me want to buy the entire set! I also love that it is 100% vegan/cruelty free and still is genuinely a great brush. Why should there have to be any compromise?! The only downside of the brush is that it is a little small, being both shorter and having a smaller head but I imagine that once I have the full set, this will not be such an issue. At least that is my justification for spending even more money this month, on beauty products!

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  1. This brush sounds really good it's always great to see vegan friendly brushes and it's good that's it's not harsh and scratchy

    1. Its really lovely and soft! Can't wait to get more! Thanks for reading Lauren! :)


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