Saturday, 29 August 2015

DevaFuser by Devacurl

Front: DevaFuser by DevaCurl
DevaCurl are known for their curly expertise and I have always been a bit of a fan so when they came out with the DevaFuser I was hooked. Sadly DevaCurl is not really available in the UK and rather hard to get hold of this side of the Atlantic. Nevertheless I was not deterred, finding one on ebay and one fierce bidding war later, it was mine! I have been using it for about 6 months now and have been really pleased with it the results and how it convenient it has been. If you are someone who gets on well with your average diffuser then this is might not be for you. If you are like me and your hair just won't get along with blow drying and defusing then I would very much recommend the DevaFuser.

DevaFuser by DevaCurl.
There is no escaping that it looks a little well... odd! Whilst it might get some strange looks the reason that the DevaFuser works so well is because of its unique shape. Being shaped like a hand means its a lot easier to get right into the hair, without disturbing the curls. It can be used more like a regular diffuser, cupping the hair to increase the curls or you can slide it in between curls without disrupting the curl pattern and adding a little lift to the roots. As you can use the hand shape to lift the roots it also means standing with my head upside down for half an hour is a thing of the past! It can also reach more areas of hair at a time, meaning more even drying. Unfortunately I don't think that it dries my hair as fast as a regular diffuser. It's probably about 30% slower but because the air flow is more controlled it works better at controlling frizz and damage.

The way it attaches is by using a rubber strip around the outside of the base that adjusts to suit different sizes. It is very tight and does take some practice to get on and off but it does have enough stretch to fit most hairdryers. I use a babyliss hairdryer and it fits pretty well, I would probably opt for a slightly hairdryer though as anything particularly wide could be a struggle. Sadly, I have noticed some cracking and strain marks on the plastic, which is a little worrying. They are very small cracks but it seems this could become an issue over time.

Are you a DevaCurl Fan?

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