Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Favourite Things About Manchester!!

Left to Right: Platt Fields Park, Manchester Craft & Design Centre, The Manchester Museum, Salad From Fuel Withington, Home Manchester.

As I am moving away from Manchester this week I thought it would be nice to let you guys know some of my favourite things about Manchester. Here are some of the things I think makes it such a great city to live in and are the reasons I will miss it!

Green Spaces - One benefit of enduring such a rainy city is that it is overflowing with lush green spaces. You never have to go far in Manchester to find a park or green space just to sit in. Although we may not get to use them as much as we may like, its always been nice to know that they are there. My favourite is probably Fletcher Moss Park &Botanical Gardens in Didsbury which if you haven't been and live is Manchester you must! I frequently visited as a child and am still just as amazed by it today!

Museums & Cultural Spaces - Manchester has some of the best cultural spaces in the country and such a great variety of them. Whether it be films at Home (formerly The Cornerhouse), natural history at The Manchester Museum or sciences at MOSI Manchester to name a few, all your bases covered. There are also a number of amazing, less well known spaces such as The Portico Library and even The Peoples History Museum which I think everyone should know about!

Food - I am just a huge food lover in general and I think that is partly from growing up in Manchester. There is such a great selection of restaurants and places to eat that it is often hard to choose. I also have a lot of dietry requirements and restrictions and places like DoughV Revolution8th Day CafeFuelGreens, and even fast food places like Barburrito have made a mostly vegan and recently GF diet much easier to maintain.

Architecture - Manchester is such a diverse city in terms of architecture and considering how gentrified it has become it has done very well to keep so many architectural gems in tact. From preserving the past in places like the former fish market now the Manchester Craft and Design Centre  to the futuristic Spinningfields, Manchester is consistantly mixing the old and the new and looking damn good doing it.

Public Transport - I have always lived (in Manchester) right next to two 24 hour bus routes. When I have moved away before I have been a bit lost really. What do you mean I cannot get a bus home at 5.30am? Although I do think it could be improved it is still pretty good. It is also quite a bit cheaper than many other parts of the country, which considering its size is impressive.Being only a couple of hours away from London on the train is great and Manchester also has great airport links making travel a lot easier!

What are your favourite things about Manchester?

Let me know!



  1. I'm visiting a friend in Manchester soon so this post is really helpful! I feel the same about buses- I live in Edinburgh and we have great bus routes, so I'm always lost anytime I visit somewhere that doesn't have public transport! XX

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