Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Upbeat Protein Drink || Chocolate & Orange.

Upbeat Protein Drink in Chocolate and Orange Flavour
Upbeat Dairy Protein Drink in Chocolate & Orange.

 I was recently asked by Upbeat to review some of their protein drinks. Protein drinks are not something I usually go in for (not considering myself hardcore enough for such things) and they kind of have a bad rep for not tasting great. I have had a tried a few in my time but have never been able to stomach more than a taste. So when I was asked by Upbeat to try some out, I was curious but a little hesitant.

 Upbeat comes in four flavours, Strawberry, Blueberry & Raspberry, Mango & Passionfruit and Chocolate & Orange. I have a massive sweet tooth so I chose the Chocolate & Orange flavour. I was a little surprised at the taste at first. I was expecting it to be more chocolately but it is actually a lot heavier on the zesty, orange flavour. This actually made it very refreshing and also quite light, which I find unusual for dairy based drinks. Although very orangey the chocolate does come through and it really reminded me a little of Terry's Chocolate Orange! Obviously it is still a health drink, so if you are going in thinking of this, it might not be what you are expecting!

 The protein comes from whey protein and does have a slightly bitter flavour, but I think the combination of the chocolate and orange did very well to offset this. Saying that, it is still delicious and it satisfied all of my chocolate cravings. It also stopped me from snacking throughout the day, which is a rarity for me!  After drinking it I really understood the 'its like a bit of extra willpower in a bottle' as I had noticed that I had glided over my usual 3 o'clock slump! One of my worst eating habits is not knowing when I am actually hungry and not eating out of boredom or sadness etc! I found that Upbeat kind of neutralised my kind of instant food cravings and allowed my body a chance to take a minute and really figure out what I was needing.

Upbeat is available in selected Tesco's, Waitrose, Sainsbury's, Boots, Holland & Barrett, The Co-operative Food, WHS Smith and more! You can also connect with Upbeat on Youtube, Facebook, Twitter or website.

Are you a protein drink fan?

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  1. I always see these in tesco and I've been intrigued but haven't bought into them in case they tasted awful! I think after reading this I will give the chocolate orange one a go!

    Rachel Coco

    1. They taste good and are actually really refreshing! Thanks for reading!

  2. Replies
    1. I really want to try it! I am not great at trying new flavours but next time I see one I will be picking it up!

  3. Amazing post dear!

  4. Hi Jasmine!
    I recently tried Upbeat as well so was interested to read another blogger's thoughts. I think they taste much better than most protein drinks too.
    Here's my review & giveaway: http://nicspirational.blogspot.co.uk/2015/07/product-review-and-giveaway-upbeat.html

    1. Also, I was sent one of those black egg-shaped things too - do you know what it is??


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