Sunday, 7 June 2015

BakerDays Letterbox Cake!

BakerDays Letterbox Gift Cake in Birthday Flowers, Vanilla Sponge.
BakerDays got in touch with me and asked if I would like to try out one of their Letterbox Cakes! I am possibly the worlds biggest cake fan (big claim, I know) so naturally this was the most exciting thing that has every happened to me, ever. BakerDays is a cake delivery service. They create a selection of different cakes (including Cupcakes), flavours, sizes etc and then offer them for delivery. They also do what are called 'Letterbox Cakes'. A cake small enough to fit through your letterbox, making it a perfect gift and a great idea! My birthday is coming up in a few weeks time so I thought it would be a great time to try out one of their Letterbox Birthday Cakes.

There is a selection of flavours available and BakerDays also offer cakes for a specific dietary requirements, for instance gluten free and dairy free cakes.

BakerDays Letterbox Gift Cake in Birthday Flowers, Vanilla Sponge.

The cake itself was really tasty. The sponge was soft with a great vanilla flavour and sweet but not overpowering. The buttercream icing creamy and thick and the royal icing covering the cake was also soft but still gave a bit more texture to the cake. It also tasted very fresh and I would never have known that it was not homemade. It was much better than I expected a cake sent through the post could be! It also smelt amazing and an added bonus was that after opening to box my house smelt like cake for about two days and I have been craving it like crazy, ever since.

I was very impressed with the printing on the icing. I think it looked so professional and made the cake look really, really special. I chose the Birthday Flowers pattern as it is just so pretty but there is such a large range of prints to choose from for all different occasions. You can also have an image of your choosing put onto the cake which I think it great and it is at no extra charge. You can also choose your own text on the cake, making it much more personal.

BakerDays Letterbox Gift Cake 
The cake arrived really well packaged in the tin pictured with a lovely card. I was very surprised that the cake arrived in such good condition. There wasn't even a scratch on it. The cake itself was wrapped in bubblewrap and contained in the tin, all of which were packaged in a cardboard box. In the package there was also some birthday candles, balloons and noise maker which I thought was a really nice touch.

The Letterbox cake also stays fresh for around 2 weeks which I think is amazing! So there are no worries with it arriving and still tasting fresh. Obviously, I couldn't test this out myself as I have no self control. Seriously, I didn't even share it, not one bite. Pacing myself, it lasted a few hours max. #sorrynotsorry

BakerDays Letterbox Gift Cake in Birthday Flowers, Vanilla Sponge.

The only downside for me in the price. It is expensive for cake. Measuring only 12 x 2.5cm across its not exactly a lot of cake for the price. Now obviously it can't be huge, otherwise it wouldn't fit through the letterbox but I see no reason why it couldn't be the size of a Graze Box for example, which would add a fair amount of cake. Obviously, its a luxury service and not something you would do everyday, so for a loved one, it's not something I would resent spending money. But I do wish they would improve the size a little! The greedy side in me tends to take over on these occasions.

Saying this, if I was sent one for my birthday, a special occasion or even just out of the goodness of their own heart, I would be so happy. I couldn't get out of my mind that if someone had sent me this when I was away at uni, when I was feeling a little blue and lonely I actually think I would have cried. Even though I was sent this by BakerDays and not a loved one it did make me feel a little emotional. That's a little sad isn't it? Oh well, it's cake, who cares? Although expensive, I guess its kind of similar to a flower delivery service in which you would always pay more than normal for the luxury of the delivery. I love flowers, but personally, would rather have cake any day!

Would you try BakerDays Letterbox Cake?

Let me know!


  1. The idea of cake being sent to my door makes me so happy haha! I love the pattern you chose too. It's such a lovely idea, I'd be tempted to do this for someone's birthday as a surprise.

    1. I am tempted to just leave their leaflets around my house in the hopes that someone will notice them and get me another sometime! I can dream...

  2. Prettiest cake ever! The colour is so bright and the flowers are amazing, looks like a painting plus cake haha =]

    1. I thought it looked like a painting too! I was so impressed with the quality of the printing and really wanna have a go finding my own images for them sometime!


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