Monday, 11 May 2015

Health || It Begins!

Really not my finest photography moments but I couldn't miss an opportunity inspirational collage!
Health is something that is very central to my life. My health is not that great and I suffer with a few different medical conditions that have an impact daily. Because of these I have to be quite mindful of my overall health and neglecting it for even a short time can have pretty bad consequences. This, for me, can be a bit of a nightmare. Not only do my health problems often leave me with very little energy but I am kind of a lazy person. For whatever reason, I always have, probably always will be, a little lazy. Which means that all this extra mindfulness and being careful is usually met with a giant eye roll. Sadly, as eye rolls cannot cure ailments, it still has to get done.

 Whilst I am quite a healthy person in some aspects, it is very much a process and has been a reluctant one at that. I am definitely not alone in this! I think one of the biggest challenges to improving your health is that it is such a process, it is so many little things, rather than just one change. Because of this I wanted to create a space to be able to talk, share stories, experiences and things I have learned along the way. My health and the aim to treat my body well is something that I am constantly learning about. I am looking forward to have a space where I can hopefully document some of this and also have an extra reason to try out new things and stay motivated. I am not sure, yet, how detailed I will be regarding my own health problems/medical issues, but it is something I do want to be able to share. Saying this, it is also personal so I do not want to pressure myself to share things I am very uncomfortable with! Whilst I am anticipating finding some of this very difficult, for example all forms of exercise, I am very excited to share recipes and dietary information. Those that know me, know my favourite thing is food and it is always on my mind! Due to my health problems I do have to be careful with what I eat so I foresee a lot of recipes being shared as I love talking about food almost as much as eating it! For instance, I have managed to make it dominate this post already!

For me this is not about weight loss or dieting and I have no intention of setting goals or targets. It is about keeping my body in good working order, no more, no less. This may include dietary changes, will definitely include exercise and moving around more but the only body I am setting out to achieve will be a happy and healthy (ish) one! Now I have written this post, it means I have to go out and do it, doesn't it?

Wish me luck!


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  1. I look forward to hearing more about that :) I'm also constantly on the lookout for health improvement due to medical issues, and it's always nice to hear from others :)
    I especially love following people who are also on the journey, as opposed to people who already know it all, because it makes me feel like I can do it too, going up with smaller steps ;)


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