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Beauty || Loreal Primers: Review & Comparison.

Loreal 'Infallible' Mattifying Primer, Loreal 'Studio Secrets' Professional Smoothing Resurfacing Primer & Loreal 'Nude Magique' Blur Cream.
Left to Right: Loreal 'Infallible' Mattifying Primer, Loreal 'Studio Secrets' Professional Smoothing Resurfacing Primer & Loreal 'Nude Magique' Blur Cream.

Loreal is one of my favourite drugstore brands but I have never got on well with their primers. Considering I get on with all their other products great I find this surprising, so I am always eager to try out new ones they bring out. As their True Match Foundation and True Match Concealer are two of my go too products, whenever a 3 for 2 comes around at either Boots or Superdrug I am always left with the dilemma of a third product and always think a primer is the missing piece! All of these opinions are my own and others may have different experiences.

A few months ago I purchased the Studio Secrets Professional Smoothing Resurfacing Primer. It costs £14.99 for 15ml, which for a drugstore primer is quite a lot, especially considering a premium brand such as a Smashbox Primer would be the same price per volume. So needless to say I had pretty high hopes. Sadly the reality did not live up the expectation. The first thing I noticed about the Studio Secrets Primer is how thick it is. At first I thought maybe this would be a good thing, thinking it would be stronger or more effective. In reality, all it seemed to mean is that I used more of it. Although my skin did look a little smoother and my makeup applied well over it, it didn't do anything special and for the premium price tag, it would have too.

After being less than impressed with the Studio Secrets Primer, I decided to give their Nude Magique 'Blur Cream' Instant Flawless Perfector a go. At first I was impressed. The 'blur' effect is very prominent when first applied to skin, giving a kind of 'airbrushed' effect. It made my makeup apply a little smoother and was easy to work with. I also didn't need a lot and was nice and light on my skin. So far so good! Sadly, it had one major flaw. Within a couple of hours, my makeup was visibly fading and my skin felt much oily than usual. Now, to be fair, it doesn't say that it will extend the life of makeup but it still shouldn't do that. Whilst I enjoyed its 'blurring' effect and I do think it enhanced the appearance of my skin temporarily, I don't feel it was anything spectacular and no way near enough to outweigh its negatives!

Now its not all bad! Loreal have recently brought out a new range called 'Infallible' that includes The Infallible 'Mattifying Base' Primer. I was fairly hesitant about buying it after not getting on so well with the others but I wanted to at least rule it out. Which I actually didn't. It is an amazing primer! It has a really smooth and silky finish making it really easy to work. It glides across the skin so effortlessly and evenly, making it super quick to apply. It is very gel like in texture, whereas the others were a little more creamy, which I think makes it feel lighter. Another great bonus is that very little is actually needed. A tiny dab will cover my entire face. It also really does live up to its 'mattifying' claims and is great for oil control. My makeup is staying in place all day and looking really fresh.

As I am sure you can tell my favourite by far was the Infallible 'Mattifying Base' Primer. I have yet to find fault with this product. Even the packaging is great and you get 35ml, over double the amount of the Studio Secrets Primer and 10ml more than the Blur Cream. It also retails for only £7.99 so is the cheapest of the three! I would highly recommend this primer to just about anybody and can see it becoming a new fixture on my dressing table!

Are you a fan of the Loreal Primers?

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  1. I love the Infalible one, it's definitely my favourite! :)

    Nikoleta, xoxo.

    1. I have been recommending it to everyone I know! Thanks for reading Nikoleta! :)

  2. hi I am using this loreal blur cream but didn't feel anything like that I don't wear makeup more than five hours.....so may b that's y but overall I like it nice review hope to see you soon

    1. These are only my experiences of it and it can depend a lot on skin types! I have combination oily which means primers have a bit of a harder job anyway but it's not an uncommon skin type and I just really didn't find it good for longevity! Thanks for reading! :)

  3. This is a really good comparison! Which would you suggest being good for blurring pores? I wear Estee Lauder's Double Wear so the longevityof my foundation is great but I have super massive pores and I'm looking for a new primer? :) You can recommend any to me :)
    Anjna Harish

    1. The Studio Secrets is actually probably the best for blurring pores but it is way too expensive and you could get a premium brand primer for the money! The Blur Cream is also good for pores but I found it did not last very long. I would say if you have a drier skin type then the blur cream may be okay as I have a combination oily skin type, which makes it a little harder for the primers to stay on my skin. If you have oily skin though I would steer clear! The Infallible is by far my favourite but I cannot say that I notice any great pore reducing or blurring effects. Although as it creates a great base, this might allow your foundation to have better coverage. The blur cream is kind of a happy medium, but like I said if you have an oily skin type I would not recommend! Thanks for reading! :)


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