Monday, 30 March 2015

1 Year Anniversary Giveaway!

Bobbi Brown Raw Sugar Shimmer Brick Eye Palette & Smokey Eye Mascara.

I am happy to announce that Oh Hey There Hair is officially 1 year old! I don't think I have ever stuck with anything this long but it has been so amazing! I really never though I could love blogging this much and never dreamed of how positive an experience it would be. Thank you so much to everyone that reads posts, leaves comments, favourites my tweets or puts up with my terrible Instagram photos! I have learned so many new skills this past year, gained so much confidence and spoken to some lovely, supportive, inspiring people.

So to say a massive THANK YOU, I have decided to giveaway the sold out and very sought after Bobbi Brown Raw Sugar Shimmer Brick Eye Palette with the Smokey Eye Mascara!

Bobbi Brown Raw Sugar Shimmer Brick Eye Palette & Smokey Eye Mascara.

Worth £35, this is a really beautiful palette, with a great range of shades. I wanted to give away something kind of special but also something that will be useful and an asset to anyones collection. Bobbi brown eyeshadows are always amazing and this is will no doubt, be any less! There is also the Smokey Eye Mascara (travel size) included that I have heard many good things about! I am dying to try these two products myself, so whoever wins, please let me know what they are like!

In order to win, please follow me on either Twitter, Instagram or Bloglovin and leave me a comment (with some indication of how to contact you via social media i.e twitter, instagram etc) underneath this post. The comment doesn't have to be anything special, just saying hello will do but if you would like to write more that would be lovely! 

The giveaway will close in 2 weeks time, the 13th of April to be precise and a winner will be contacted and announced via social media shortly afterwards! Sadly the giveaway is not international and only open to U.K residents! 

Good luck

& Thank You So Much!


Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Beauty || Bourjois Rouge Edition 'Aqua Laque' Review.

Bourjois Rouge Edition Lipgloss Aqua Laque Review
Left to Right: Bourjois Rouge Edition Aqua Laque in No. 07 Fuschia Perche and No. 02 Rose on the Rocks.

The Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvets have been one of my favourite beauty products of the past 12 months. I wear the nudist shade almost everyday and it has become my go to lip product. So when I found out that Bourjois would be releasing the Aqua Laque I was probably way too over excited! As they are a brand new release it took going to a few different branches of Boots and Superdrug (I was on a serious mission) to find them.

And it was so worth it!

The difference between the Rouge Edition Velvet's and the Aqua Laque's is the texture. The Aqua Laque range is glossy rather than matte and much lighter than the Velvets range. I was a bit unsure about how it would translate to the glosses but I am very much a fan. The texture of them is just unreal! They manage to be both silky and buttery but also feel like water on the lips. There is something quite luxourouis about the texture and I have become a little addicted to just layering it on gratuitously! Something that often puts me off about glosses is their texture, I find just about every lipgloss too sticky, heavy or just uncomfortable to wear. I want to be able to use a product and not keep being bothered by it throughout the day. These are lightweight but not at all drying, actually feeling hydrating and nourishing. I know that I can put it on and not have to worry about it smudging or getting my hair in it or it just being very conscious of it, as I am often am with glosses.

The shade range is, again, spot on. There are two sections to the colour range, statement nudes and statement bolds, four in each. I think the range of shades is very well considered and definitely has something for everyone! I chose one from the statement nudes and one from the statement bolds and currently have the No. 2 Rose on the Rocks and the No.7 Fuchsia Perche shades. I was instantly drawn the the No. 2 Rose on the Rocks shade as I could tell that it will just be such an amazing colour for spring. It is very soft but still really brightens and lifts the lip. I was very torn between the No. 07 Fuchsia Perche and another shade that was more of a classic pillbox red, but I felt it was a little more adventurous and different to anything else I owned. The shade has not come out so great on the picture as it is a little pinkier in real life!

Again, like the matte version, the packaging is great. Great shape, great size, aesthetically pleasing but also practical. I also like how tough and robust the packaging is as well. They seem to be pretty scratch resistant, considering I take them everywhere with me I have yet to see any damage. I am very confident that I will never find one exploded at the bottom of my bag!


Let me know!


Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Beauty || Loreal Primers: Review & Comparison.

Loreal 'Infallible' Mattifying Primer, Loreal 'Studio Secrets' Professional Smoothing Resurfacing Primer & Loreal 'Nude Magique' Blur Cream.
Left to Right: Loreal 'Infallible' Mattifying Primer, Loreal 'Studio Secrets' Professional Smoothing Resurfacing Primer & Loreal 'Nude Magique' Blur Cream.

Loreal is one of my favourite drugstore brands but I have never got on well with their primers. Considering I get on with all their other products great I find this surprising, so I am always eager to try out new ones they bring out. As their True Match Foundation and True Match Concealer are two of my go too products, whenever a 3 for 2 comes around at either Boots or Superdrug I am always left with the dilemma of a third product and always think a primer is the missing piece! All of these opinions are my own and others may have different experiences.

A few months ago I purchased the Studio Secrets Professional Smoothing Resurfacing Primer. It costs £14.99 for 15ml, which for a drugstore primer is quite a lot, especially considering a premium brand such as a Smashbox Primer would be the same price per volume. So needless to say I had pretty high hopes. Sadly the reality did not live up the expectation. The first thing I noticed about the Studio Secrets Primer is how thick it is. At first I thought maybe this would be a good thing, thinking it would be stronger or more effective. In reality, all it seemed to mean is that I used more of it. Although my skin did look a little smoother and my makeup applied well over it, it didn't do anything special and for the premium price tag, it would have too.

After being less than impressed with the Studio Secrets Primer, I decided to give their Nude Magique 'Blur Cream' Instant Flawless Perfector a go. At first I was impressed. The 'blur' effect is very prominent when first applied to skin, giving a kind of 'airbrushed' effect. It made my makeup apply a little smoother and was easy to work with. I also didn't need a lot and was nice and light on my skin. So far so good! Sadly, it had one major flaw. Within a couple of hours, my makeup was visibly fading and my skin felt much oily than usual. Now, to be fair, it doesn't say that it will extend the life of makeup but it still shouldn't do that. Whilst I enjoyed its 'blurring' effect and I do think it enhanced the appearance of my skin temporarily, I don't feel it was anything spectacular and no way near enough to outweigh its negatives!

Now its not all bad! Loreal have recently brought out a new range called 'Infallible' that includes The Infallible 'Mattifying Base' Primer. I was fairly hesitant about buying it after not getting on so well with the others but I wanted to at least rule it out. Which I actually didn't. It is an amazing primer! It has a really smooth and silky finish making it really easy to work. It glides across the skin so effortlessly and evenly, making it super quick to apply. It is very gel like in texture, whereas the others were a little more creamy, which I think makes it feel lighter. Another great bonus is that very little is actually needed. A tiny dab will cover my entire face. It also really does live up to its 'mattifying' claims and is great for oil control. My makeup is staying in place all day and looking really fresh.

As I am sure you can tell my favourite by far was the Infallible 'Mattifying Base' Primer. I have yet to find fault with this product. Even the packaging is great and you get 35ml, over double the amount of the Studio Secrets Primer and 10ml more than the Blur Cream. It also retails for only £7.99 so is the cheapest of the three! I would highly recommend this primer to just about anybody and can see it becoming a new fixture on my dressing table!

Are you a fan of the Loreal Primers?

Let me know!


Sunday, 8 March 2015

Beauty || Makeup Revolution Brushes.

Left to Right : F105 Contour Brush, F103 Stippling Brush & E103 Blending Brush. 

I have been in the market for some new brushes for a while. I seem to have acquired such a mismatch of brushes, many I can not even remember where from! I recently have picked up some real techniques brushes and absolutely love them but whilst they are a reasonable price for makeup brushes and great quality an entire collection of them would set you back quite a bit. So when Makeup Revolution announced their new range I was very excited!

I think my favourite has to be the F105 Contour brush. It is really easy to work with and makes contouring so easy! I had previously been using an old brush and had always struggled a little with contouring but now I have this I am unstoppable! Well, that may be an exaggeration but it has made me feel much more confident with contouring! Its great for precision but it also doesn't give too harsh a line, meaning its great for a more natural contour, whilst still sculpting. I am also very impressed with the E103 Blending brush. I think it is a great size and again it is easy to work with. It blends very well and has made my eye makeup much quicker. The bristles are also lovely and soft. I also do like the F103 Stippling brush, but I am more of a makeup sponge kinda gal, so it is not one I use as much as the others. I also think I would like it to be a little more dense but it still does a good job. Again, it is lovely and soft and it gives a nice even finish. The Contour and the Stippling brush were both only £3 and the Blending brush a mere £1.95!

All the brushes are really easy to work with and are all very nicely sized, not too big, not too small. The handles are also well sized for grip and very useable. I have seen absolutely no shedding with any of the brushes, evening whilst washing, which is great! They also wash really well and need a little reshaping after washing, but this is common with all brushes. I just want to emphasis, again, how soft they feel and how good quality they really are!

Overall I am just so impressed with these brushes. Makeup Revolution have done it, (yet) again and I really cannot believe the price for the quality. I also love that someone can get an entire set of good quality brushes for £20, which means that people of all ages and budgets have access to decent products! At the moment, I believe, these are only available online and I think if they were to start selling them in-store (Superdrug) they would be an instant sell out! I will shortly be ordering even more to try out! Often, with less expensive products I will label them as being better for those not quite so blessed in the bank or those a bit younger but with these brushes it seems irrelevant, I think everyone should try them!

Have you tried the Makeup Revolution Makeup Brushes yet?

Let me know!

Thursday, 5 March 2015

Hair || Tresemme Perfectly (un) Done Range.

Left to Right: Tresemme Perfectly (un) Done Wave Creating Sea FoamWeightless Moisturising Conditioner & Dry Defining Spray.

In Superdrug a few weeks back I noticed a new Tresemme haircare range. If you read Oh Hey There Hair often you will know I am a great fan of the Tresemme Naturals Conditioners and was very excited to see this was another silicone free one! Whilst is is a range aimed at wavy hair rather than curls, I couldn't resist giving them a go and seeing how they worked with curls!

The first product I tried was the conditioner. It smells lovely, conditions well but is also very lightweight. I often find it hard to find the right balance between conditioning and lightweight but I think Tresemme have done it well here. I personally prefer something a little heavier, like the Tresemme Naturals conditioner (this is basically a lighter version) but I still really liked it and I think this will be a lot better for those with looser curls and waves or those with finer curls. As it is light but still moisturising, it is also quite good as a co-wash.

After using the Weightless Moisture Conditioner I tried out the Wave Creating Sea Foam. The first think I noticed was how amazing it smelt! It is a very light, refreshing smell that is also quite natural. I also really liked the formula as it was lightweight, not sticky making it easy and pleasant to use! It also gave good definition and didn't leave my hair feeling dry, which were two things I anticipated could be an issue with a foam. I think this one is best if you like light to medium definition and hold as it doesn't add any weight.

Sadly, I think the Dry Styling Foam was a little lost on me. It may well work very well on wavy hair but I would not recommend it for curls. I did see a little extra definition but it is just not a product for curls. I am gutted about this as I love that it is spray in, making it easier to distribute through hair. This would have been so handy for mid day touch ups without breaking up curl definition!

Overall I do really like the range. I think Tresemme has really done well to cater for its target market and I love that they have got a few silicone free products in there. I highly recommend these products for anyone wanting some definition and control, but wants something lighter than many of the products out there.

Have you tried the Tresemme (Un) Done Range Yet? 

Its available with 1/3 off at Superdrug now!


Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Favourites || In February!

In terms of makeup my first favourite is the Soap and Glory Supercat Eyeliner. I have heard nothing but good things about this product and I know it is a favourite of many so I thought I would finally give it a go! It created a nice smooth line, the applicator is a great shape and it lasts really well. If you are someone like me who is always struggling with liners this is the one for you! Another eye product I have been loving is the Makeup Revolution Iconic Pro 1 aka the 'LORAC Pro Dupe Palette'I have a review of coming shortly so I won't say too much, but I will say that the shades are great, the colours pigmented and easy to work with. It also comes with a great quality, amazing double ended brush.

My most used favourite definetly is the Loreal True Match Concealer in Vanilla. I have been using this for about a year, yet, bizarrely it has never made it into my favourites. The only time it leaves my handbag is to apply it. It gives great coverage, blends really well and is a great all rounder. I always know that if in a pinch like after a sad film or just your average mid morning meltdown, I can use it for my entire face and you would never know! It really has been tried and tested!

A little later to the game than the rest, but nevertheless loved, have been the Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine Nail Paints. I am not usually very bothered about my nails but for some reason I have been loving these! Again, I have already reviewed them so I won't go into too much detail. I will quickly say that they come in a really range of beautiful colours and are super shiny and gel-like! Although not the smoothest application, I usually only need one coat and they are very chip resistant. Overall a great product!

In terms of skincare, this month, I have been a little limited. My skin had been very aggravated, so I have been trying to use only what is gentle or necessary on skin. I have though, been using my DIY Honey Face Mask Recipe every day. This mask has been amazing as it is natural and super gentle. I use it every morning as a cleanser and not only does it cleanse amazingly but it also keeps skin soft and moisturised.

I also have two favourite hair products this month and both happen to be conditioners. The first is the Palmer's Olive Oil Co-wash Cleansing Conditioner. It is very nourishing but also does a great job at cleansing. What I particularly love about it is that it contains peppermint oil, which leaves the scalp feeling really refreshed and smells amazing. I have also been using the Loreal EverSleek Smoothing and Nourish Conditioner, it is great at preventing frizz and smoothing hair whilst still conditioning well. As it is silicone free it doesn't weigh hair down and is CG friendly! It also has a lovely smell and actually works great as a leave in.

Have you tried any of my monthly favourites! 

Let me know!

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