Friday, 13 February 2015

B. Creative | Art Edition Palettes.

B. Creative | Art Edition, Vol. 2 | Eye Essentials - Night || B. Creative | Art Edition, Vol. 3 | Colour Collection - Day.

Whilst in Superdrug a while ago, my eyes were instantly drawn to these palettes. I am not really a palette kind of person, but these ones made me want to be. There are 8 palettes in total in the B. Creative | Art Edition range and I think the entire collection of pallets looks amazing. They are also a good size and fit quite a good amount of product in. The covers of all the palettes are very pretty and I was really struggling to decide which one to go for but thought these would be the most suited for my needs. I think the range of colours inside are both amazing in their own right, but work really well, together, as pallets. They are also cruelty free and vegan, which is amazing!

Left: B. Creative | Art Edition, Vol. 3 | Colour Collection - Day. || Right: B. Creative | Art Edition, Vol. 2 | Eye Essentials - Night.

The Colour Collection - Day Palette contains four eyeshadows, two lip colours, a blusher, a bronzer and a highlighter, as well as brushes. With both of the palettes my favourite thing is the eye colours. They are well formulated, pigmented and well chosen for the palette. They are just such lovely colours that I am really looking forward to using them more. Whilst the shadows are my favourite that does not mean I am at all disappointed with the rest of the palette. I really like the bronzer, blusher and highlighter. The blush and bronzer are really lovely colours and both help to give a really nice, healthy, natural look. They have quite a lot of pick-up, making it a little messy but as long as you are careful, its manageable. I also think the highlighter is great, it has a really nice, pearly glow that catches the light really well and I am pretty impressed by it. I really hope that they bring this out separately as I would definitely buy it. The two lip colours are listed as 'lipsticks' but are kind of half way between that and a gloss. They do, however give a nice colour and I think they do work well for the 'Day' palette as they are quite soft. They're nicely formulated, not drying and not sticky.

The Eye Essentials - Night Palette contains four eye colours, two brow powders in a dark and a medium shade with a wax and a double ended brow comb/angled brush. It also includes a mascara. Again the eye colours are my favourite. I especially love the shade 'Marylebone' which is a cream shadow in a pale beigy/bronzy shade and reminds me of  the Maybelline Colour Tattoo shadows. It is well pigmented but also quite subtle and build able if you do want a stronger look. It also applies really softly and evenly and is just nice and easy to work with. Again, I was very disappointed when I found out I couldn't buy it separately! The brow powders and wax are also pretty good. The angled brush with comb is great and I have had some really nice results with them. Although I like the colours, even the medium is fairly dark so they may not be too suitable for anyone with fair brows.
I am, sadly a little unsure about the mascara. It claims to be lengthening and thickening, which it does do, its just sadly doesn't match up to other drugstore brands. I would much rather seen have seen something like a highlighter or eye pencil in its place.

Overall I do think these are really lovely palettes. They are a good size, very pretty, practical but not boring. I also think they are very well put together. They are going to be so useful just to pop into my bag and be ready for any occasion and they will be great for travelling! I also think they would make an amazing present for a wide range of people. If you have a friend or relatives birthday coming up and are stuck for a present then I think this could be a great option! They are also currently on sale at Superdrug!

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