Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Review || Umberto Giannini 'Curl Friends' Range.

When in Boots the other day I noticed that Umberto Giannini had a new range of products out for curly hair! I was also pleasantly surprised to find that many of the products don't contain sulfates or silicones so decided to give them a go! I picked up the Umberto Giannini Bouncy Curls Curl Enhancing Conditioner and the Umberto Giannini Shapely Curls Mousse.

I tried out the Curl Enhancing Conditioner first and I got on really well with it! The first thing I noticed was that it is great for detangling. My fingers glided through my hair with unexpected ease. Once dry my hair felt softer and well conditioned. It did also do a little for curl definition and really encouraged the curls. I think that it would be better for someone with fine curls as it is quite light so it won't weigh hair down but does also make curls soft and helps with definition. I still think this is a good product for thicker curls, it could just do with a little extra moisture.

Once out of the shower I begun to style and applied the Umberto Giannini Shapely Curls Defining Mousse to my hair. A really nice thing about this mousse is that the formula is light and not at all sticky, like most mousses are. It was so much nicer to apply because it's not sticky and distributed very easily. When dry my curls were defined and shiny and I could tell that the products had very much encouraged the curl, rather than just define it. My hair was also a lot less frizzy and the style lasted for a good couple of days.

I also want to point out the advice on the back of the bottle. It says '...dry with a towel, do not rub dry as it will frizz up the hair cuticle and break up the curl structure.' I thought that this was really good advice and liked that it was tailored for curls. It really gives me a little extra faith in a product as it makes me think they know there stuff and have put just that little extra effort in.

Have you tried any of the Umberto Giannani 'Curl Friends' range yet?

Let me know!



  1. I've never tried anything from this range but it sounds incredible!

    Allie | RainyAllie

    1. They're really good products and I am very impressed overall. They do very much encourage curl though so if you are someone who is very happy with there natural pattern and doesn't want to increase it, you may find them a little tricky to work with!

  2. I have naturally curly hair but haven't tried anything from this range yet.
    I find it so tricky finding products that don't go to the extreme of weighing my hair down completely or making it too light and soft to work with (and also pretty frizzy)!
    Think I'll definitely have to give these a go.

    Danielle x

    1. These products are great but if you want a product that will fit all of your requirements, i would recommend the Bumble and Bumble Curl Conscious Holding Foam. It is an amazing product and I find it perfect for my hair but it is quite expensive. If you have the money then I would say go for it but if not I think you can still get pretty good results with the Umberto Giannini range :)

  3. Natural curly girl here! I've never tried the Umberto Gianni products before but that mousse sounds great and it's an added bonus that it contains no harsh chemicals!
    Dalal xo

    1. Yeah, its great! Just used it on my hair about an hour ago actually! Its the best highstreet one I have tried I think! Thanks for reading! :)


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