Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Winter Beauty Favourites!

Left to Right: Rimmel Scandal Eyes in Nude, Loreal True Match Foundation, Makeup Revolution Palette in Essential Mattes, Loreal True Match Concealer, Makeup Revolution Bronze, Shimmer, Highlight & Garnier Micellar Water.

Loreal True Match Foundation | £9.99

I have been using this foundation for a while now and have yet to find a better one for my skin. I think it is a really good balance between giving good coverage and being too heavy. It is quite a creamy formula and is also really blendable. I find it works great with a sponge as well as a brush and is easy to create a really polished look. It also mixes really well with moisturiser if you want lighter coverage and its lasts a really long time!

Loreal True Match Concealer | £6.99

I think this is a really great little concealer! It is a really good size for travelling but still lasts a really long time like the foundation! It is smooth and creamy but packs a punch without being too heavy. It works great on dark circles and also does a really good job on redness and blemishes. I am yet to find fault with this product!

Makeup Revolution Palette in Essential Mattes | £4.00

This is a great staple product to have on your dressing table. It is a really simple palette containing 12 very wearable, matte nudes. They are well pigmented and very blendable making them easy to use. I always get compliments on my eyes look when I am wearing them! If you are interested I did a more in depth review here, that also talks about the Makeup Revolution Bronze, Shimmer, Highlight!

Rimmel Scandel Eyes in Nude | £3.99

The Rimmel Scandal Eyes in Nude is a great alternative to white eyeliners that are used to brighten the eyes. It's the same idea essentially but is just a little more natural and subtle. The formula is quite nice but is very soft. Whilst this is good for using on the waterline, as its very delicate, I do often find that I have applied a little too much. A soft hand is recommended!

Garnier Micellar Water | £4.99

I wrote a post about The Garnier Micellar Water a little while back so I won't go on too much but I will say that I am very impressed with this product! It is a kind of cleanser and makeup remover but is really gentle on the skin. It is oderless and feels like water on the skin but does a really good job at removing makeup, including eye make-up! Its a great alternative for those of us sometimes too lazy to clean out makeup off properly and use wipes!

Makeup Revolution Bronze, Shimmer, Highlight | £4.00

I am not someone who gets on too well with bronzers but I am a big fan of this one! Its light and really build able making it very easy to use. You can use the three sections separately or as I do, combined. It is slightly shimmery but not too glittery, just enough to catch the light. I mostly love how subtle it is as with bronzers I am always worried I have overdone it. When wearing this I catch myself in mirrors through the day and I am always impressed with how natural it looks! Great for beginners!

Do you have any winter beauty favourites?

Let me know!



  1. Lovely post, I have heard a lot about the Revolution products, and I'm thinking about going to purchase some xx

    1. I would really recommend them! The only problems is because they are really well priced they are very moreish! Thanks for reading :)

  2. Thanks for the makeup tips! I am always needed makeup tips because I am not so skilled in that area of girlhood!

  3. I love the Makeup Revolution palette, it's so perfect for every day.

    Katie xx


  4. Love love love your blog! :)

    1. Thank you so much! It's really lovely that you took the time to comment! :) xx


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