Thursday, 18 December 2014

Review || Sanctuary Spa Polishing Hot Cloth Cleanser.

One of my favourite products of all time is the Sanctuary Spa Exfoliating Pore Refiner, but for some reason I have never really tried any of their other products. So a while ago when a three for two offer was on I took advantage in order to test out their Polishing Hot Cloth Cleanser. It costs £10.50 from Boots and claims that it 'opens pores to deep cleanse, while also acting as a gentle exfoliator to help stimulate circulation. Leaves your complexion glowing with the radiance of a spa facial." 

This cleanser is a very similar idea to the legendary Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish and like the Liz Earle one it comes with a little muslin cloth so it is all ready to use. The idea is that you run the cloth under hot water and place over your face. The heat from the cloth then opens the pores, allowing the product to really do a good cleanse. You can then remove the product with the warm cloth.

I have been using the Sanctuary Spa Polishing Hot Cloth Cleanser for a while now and I am very happy with the results! Having never used a product that claimed to 'polish' my skin I was not sure what to expect but it was very apparent after usage. My skin not only felt clean but it also felt very soft and smooth, almost (it sounds weird) but like it had been buffed somehow! What I really loved was that it left a really silky, even finish to the skin. I have somewhat troublesome skin that often feels as though it has a bit of an uneven texture to the touch. It also makes foundation a pain to apply and it never stays on for more than a few hours. I found that after using this because the skin felt a lot more even and smooth, my makeup stayed on a little longer and was easier to apply! I also found that my skin did look a lot healthier and fresher after usage and definitely felt cleansed.

Overall I would give this product a massive thumb up! I think it does a really good job and lives up to its claims well. I have not myself tried the Liz Earle Cleanse and polish yet but as this is rather a lot cheaper I would say it be a good place to start if you were thinking of this kind of product but don't want to spend quite so much! Saying that it is still a little more expensive than I would like my cleansers to be but it is a rather large bottle, lasts a good while and Sanctuary Spa products are always of a high quality.

Have you tried any similar hot cloth cleansers?

Let me know!


Saturday, 13 December 2014

Winter Wishlist Items!

Left to Right: Origins 'GinZing' Refreshing Scrub Cleanser, Living Proof 'No Frizz' Nourishing Styling Cream, Cure | Natural Aqua Gel, Mac | 'Velvet Teddy' Lipstick, Ouidad | 'Curl Quencher' Hydrafusion Intense Curl Cream, Wen | Cleansing Conditioner, Cure | Natural Aqua Gel, This Works | 'Deep Sleep' Pillow Spray.

Origins | 'GinZing' Refreshing Scrub Cleanser - £18.50 - Boots

Living Proof | 'No Frizz' Nourishing Styling Cream - £21.00 - SpaceNK 

Ouidad | 'Curl Quencher' Hydrafusion Intense Curl Cream - $26.00 - Quidad

Wen | Cleansing Conditioner - $32.00 - Sephora

Cure | Natural Aqua Gel - £27.55 - Amazon

Mac | 'Velvet Teddy' Lipstick - £15.50 - Selfridges

This Works 'Deep Sleep' Pillow Spray - £30.00 - Boots

Have you tried any of them?

Let me know!


Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Winter Beauty Favourites!

Left to Right: Rimmel Scandal Eyes in Nude, Loreal True Match Foundation, Makeup Revolution Palette in Essential Mattes, Loreal True Match Concealer, Makeup Revolution Bronze, Shimmer, Highlight & Garnier Micellar Water.

Loreal True Match Foundation | £9.99

I have been using this foundation for a while now and have yet to find a better one for my skin. I think it is a really good balance between giving good coverage and being too heavy. It is quite a creamy formula and is also really blendable. I find it works great with a sponge as well as a brush and is easy to create a really polished look. It also mixes really well with moisturiser if you want lighter coverage and its lasts a really long time!

Loreal True Match Concealer | £6.99

I think this is a really great little concealer! It is a really good size for travelling but still lasts a really long time like the foundation! It is smooth and creamy but packs a punch without being too heavy. It works great on dark circles and also does a really good job on redness and blemishes. I am yet to find fault with this product!

Makeup Revolution Palette in Essential Mattes | £4.00

This is a great staple product to have on your dressing table. It is a really simple palette containing 12 very wearable, matte nudes. They are well pigmented and very blendable making them easy to use. I always get compliments on my eyes look when I am wearing them! If you are interested I did a more in depth review here, that also talks about the Makeup Revolution Bronze, Shimmer, Highlight!

Rimmel Scandel Eyes in Nude | £3.99

The Rimmel Scandal Eyes in Nude is a great alternative to white eyeliners that are used to brighten the eyes. It's the same idea essentially but is just a little more natural and subtle. The formula is quite nice but is very soft. Whilst this is good for using on the waterline, as its very delicate, I do often find that I have applied a little too much. A soft hand is recommended!

Garnier Micellar Water | £4.99

I wrote a post about The Garnier Micellar Water a little while back so I won't go on too much but I will say that I am very impressed with this product! It is a kind of cleanser and makeup remover but is really gentle on the skin. It is oderless and feels like water on the skin but does a really good job at removing makeup, including eye make-up! Its a great alternative for those of us sometimes too lazy to clean out makeup off properly and use wipes!

Makeup Revolution Bronze, Shimmer, Highlight | £4.00

I am not someone who gets on too well with bronzers but I am a big fan of this one! Its light and really build able making it very easy to use. You can use the three sections separately or as I do, combined. It is slightly shimmery but not too glittery, just enough to catch the light. I mostly love how subtle it is as with bronzers I am always worried I have overdone it. When wearing this I catch myself in mirrors through the day and I am always impressed with how natural it looks! Great for beginners!

Do you have any winter beauty favourites?

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Tuesday, 2 December 2014

How to Wake Up With Great Curls & Waves!

Satin/Silk Pillowcase 

This is a very important step to waking up with great curls! Regular cotton pillowcases a little rough against hair and brush against the cuticle, raising it, causing frizz. Cotton pillowcases are also very absorbant and can dry your hair out during the night. A silk pillowcase can set you back quite a bit but a satin one is fairly budget friendly and can make a huge difference. It is also better for your skin as it doesn't dry it out either and is much gentler against it!

Pineappling (Very High Pony)

 Pineappling protects your hair as it keeps the curls from getting crushed in the night. Its also great at creating volume in your hair as it lifts the roots throughout the night and it can add a little length to the hair because it stretches the roots. I use a wide satin ribbon to tie my hair up overnight as satin is softer on the hair and ties and clips can knot hair. I love ribbons as they let me control exactly how tight I want it and they make it much easier to get it into the right position.


For those with loose curls or waves braiding your hair before you sleep can be a great way to keep curls intact and protect hair. Braiding protects curls from getting pulled apart too much during the night and for those with looser curls and waves, enhance them. It also helps protect the hair from rough movements that can raise the cuticle and cause frizz and damage.


I usually wash my hair in the day time and by the evening it is dry enough to sleep on without messing up the curl pattern. I tend to use a little oil in my hair before I go to sleep so it can absorb in overnight and also helps protect the hair a little from drying out during the night. I also find it better to apply in the evening as it gives time to soak in meaning it looks better than if I were to use it in the morning.

Do you have any other tips to protect your curls?

Let me know!

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