Monday, 3 November 2014

Superdrug 'Extracts' Conditioners

This is a picture of Superdrug Extracts Conditioners in Sweet Almond & Coconut and Red Cherry & Fig Review
Superdrug 'Extracts' Coconut & Sweet Almond & Red Cherry & Fig Conditioners.

Whilst in Superdrug a few weeks back I noticed some of their own brand conditioners I had never seen before they just happen to be silicone free! So I purchased the Red Cherry & Fig and the Coconut & Sweet Almond ones to try!

This first caught my attention because of its colour which instantly made me think it would smell delicious and I was right! It smells like a combination of all of the most delicious cherry flavoured sweets. I love this but if you are not into sweet things this is not for you! It does claim to have an 'irresistible fragrance' which I completely agree with!

 It also claims to make hair look 'healthy and shiny and feel soft, nourished and voluminous. Whilst I don't think this is the most moisturising conditioner ever I do actually quite like it. I think because it is for fine hair it is very light, which is not great for me as I need quite a heavy conditioner to keep my hair is good condition. But I think that it can be a struggle to find a light, silicone free conditioner as I know a lot are oil based so I think that for those with finer hair this could be a great option. I also think that its lightness actually makes it great for co-washing and has the potential to be quite a good budget friendly co-wash.

I am not sure that I felt it was very volumising for my hair but as my hair is not lacking in that department I admit I am not the greatest judge!

I was really pleased when I saw this one as I love the combination of Coconut and Sweet Almond as both are great for hair. This one also smells great, not quite as great as the Red Cherry & Fig but still pretty good! It has a much thicker constancy and this really showed as I need quite a bit less than the other in order to coat my hair.

It claims to 'help restore moisture and shine' and 'hair will look healthy and shiny'. I don't think I noticed any improvement in shine with this conditioner but I don't think I have ever had a conditioner live up to that claim! In regards to moisture, its not bad but its still on the lighter side for me. I need quite a heavy conditioner so I am a bit of a harsh critic. Its not bad by any means and it did make my hair feel nice I just don't find it particularly strong. I think it would be great as a co-wash or for someone who is looking for a slightly lighter conditioner. But for someone who has dry/damaged hair as the product claims to be for I think some thing a little heavier may be needed.

Overall I think that these are both pretty good products for the price. They seem to live up to their claims for the most part and I think they are decent products. I think if you are looking for something a little lighter than say 'Tresemme Naturals' I think they could be great and for finer hair especially I think the Red Cherry & Fig could be a good option. I am not sure how fantastically they worked for my hair type as I think I need something a little heavier but I love that they are readily available and not bad for the price!

Costs: £1.99 each, which I think it a pretty good price.

Recommendation: I would recommend the Red Cherry & Fig for people with finer hair as I think it is quite nice and light. I do think the Coconut & Sweet Almond is a decent product but for really dry and damaged hair I think there are better options out there for the price.

I am really happy that Superdrug do their own brand of silicone free conditioners!

Whats your favourite silicone free conditioner?

Let me know!


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