Monday, 13 October 2014

Naked 'Little Miracle' Leave in Conditioner

This is a picture of the Naked Little Miracle Leave in Conditioner
Naked 'Little Miracle' Leave in Conditioner
I usually just use my regular Tresemme Naturals Conditioner as a leave in, but thought it was time I upped my game a bit.  So when in Boots the other day I saw Naked 'Little Miracle' Leave in conditioner, I thought this the perfect opportunity. I have heard good things about the Naked range but there website seems to no longer exist which is annoying as I would like to know a little more! The first thing I noticed was the 'Silicone Free' label on the front which I found very helpful!

The first thing I noticed was the 'Silicone Free' label on the front which I found very helpful! It smells really nice. Not too strong just hints of shea butter which is nice but sadly doesn't last when dry. The constancy is a little thicker than a normal conditioner and feels a bit gel or almost wax like, which I wasn't sure about at first as I thought it might just sit on the hair and coat it leaving build up. It actually sinks into the skin pretty easily so I thought that was a good sign.

Before I applied it I had just used a hair mask as usual and then dried with my micro fibre towel. It recommends to use 'sparingly' 'avoiding the roots' which I usually ignore with these kinds of things as my hair needs so much moisture and just applied as I would my usual leave in. I then styled as usual with my Bumble and Bumble Curl Conscious Holding Foam and the two products seem to blend quite well together actually. They felt really well combined and seemed to compliment each other.

I then styled as usual and left to dry. A few (many) hours later by hair looked like this.

For me, the curls are pretty defined and I am happy with the outcome. My hair feels a little softer than it normally would and perhaps a little less frizzy. I am not sure if it has made a huge difference to my hair, compared to just using my normal conditioner as a leave in, but I think it is better. I also think it will be a bit better for my hair in the long run. I would recommend this product and I would buy it again. 

Whats your favourite leave in for curly hair?

Let me know!


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