Saturday, 18 October 2014

Are You Damaging Your Hair?

Here are some really easy ways that many people damage their hair without knowing...

My Hair Was Pretty Damaged!

Lack of Moisture

Probably the most common way that people damage their hair. Hair needs moisture in order to be healthy. Frequent heat usage and dying make the hair shaft more porous meaning that more moisture can escape causing dryness and breakage. Lock in moisture! Oils are a great, cheap way to do this as they coat the hair strands and stop water leaving. 

Too many products

Many people will use a frizz serum to control frizz rather than try to find a way to prevent it in the first place. For some people, especially those will curly hair, a bit of frizz is just a given and will always hang around, but for many frizz is a sign that the hair may need some TLC. Whilst frizz serum may hide the problem temporarily, a simple hair mask once a week or introducing oils to your hair regiment may solve it for good.

Stuck in your ways

Update your hair routine regularly, try new products and techniques on a semi-regular basis. As hair grows it may need different treatment and products in order to keep it at its healthiest. Experiment away!

Neglecting your scalp

A lot of people forget to look after the scalp, but it is essential to healthy, strong hair. The scalp is actually quite delicate and harsh products, such as those containing sulfates, can throw it out of balance. Pores can also become clogged due to build up preventing oils and vital nutrients from being able to travel down the hair leaving damaged.

Ignoring your hair

Its very easy to just jump out of the shower, add product and heat style, every day. I did this without a break for about 6/7 years, ignoring it and not seeing it in its natural state for this long. Needless to say it was in a bad way when I finally stopped. I think leaving your hair alone for a few days can really help figure out what it needs so you know how to treat it. Styling and dying can change properties of your hair for instance how porous it is meaning it may need to be treated in a different way to how it was a year ago.

Eating & Drinking

If you want long, shiny hair then eating and drinking right is an important step. Your hair needs the right vitamins and minerals in order to grow healthy and strong. If you are regularly skipping meals or eating badly the hair will not be able to grow properly.

Styling accessories

Many people are using the wrong kinds of hairbrush for their hair. Some people need a good bristled brush whereas others may be better with a wide tooth comb. Make sure to use hair ties that don't have metal on them, as these will catch on the hair and cause breakage and knots. Many hair clips also have a lot of metal in the hinges that hair gets caught on. Try to think about what you are using and minimise the potential damage.


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