Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Accidental Damaged Ends Serum.

So I am trying to make a recipe for a natural, homemade anti-frizz serum in my attempt to defeat my arch nemesis, the dreaded Frizz Halo, but still seem to be missing the mark. Finding the balance between major frizz reduction and greasy looking hair is a very fine line. Whilst I am still trying for an all over serum I managed to create a pretty good recipe for smoothing damaged ends in my experimentation.

The ends of my hair are bleached, damaged and in need of some TLC. They don't look great, sometimes the rest of my hair can be looking pretty good and the ends just look damaged and dry, ruining my good hair day. What I like about this recipe is that it is very nourishing and will really help improve the condition of the hair. It adds shine and is very softening, helping to create (or at least give the illusion of) ends in good condition. I liked it for spot targeting curls that are very badly damaged and need special attention.



Grapeseed Oil
1tsp Apricot Kernal Oil
1/2 tsp Castor Oil 
1tsp Coconut Oil 

Grapeseed Oil is Light, Non-Greasy and high in linoleum acid, protecting against moisture loss and hair breakage. Apricot Kernal Oil is high in proteins, vitamin A, B Vitamins and Vitamin E. Coconut Oil is a moisturiser, prevents protein loss and is naturally scented. Castor Oil has vitamin E, amino acids, omega-6 fatty acids and helps to stop split ends and breakage. It also smooths out rough hair cuticles.

Recommended Usage

A little goes a long way with this so start small. I just dip my finger in the serum, rub into my hair slowly and then work into the very ends of my hair moving upwards. I tend to twirl it around my finger as well to keep some shape in my curls, but this will depend on curl/hair type. It might take a little experimentation to get the right amount. This recipe could be used for all over the hair, I just found it a tad too strong for the roots. Now to continue my quest for the perfect homemade hair serum...


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