Tuesday, 7 October 2014

5 Ways You Could Be Damaging Your Curls.

Here are 5 really basic things that I did WRONG for so long...


Washing hair too frequently strips it of its natural oils and makes it dry and damaged causing frizz. A lot of people are paranoid about leaving there hair for more than a day without being washed but if you can, try it. Try cutting down by one day a week to begin with and see if it really is all that bad. 

Too much heat

This can be a tricky one, some people can just cut down heat usage easily but for others its a long term habit that can be tricky. Now I have found that if you are happy with shorter hair then using frequent heat can be alright, its still bad for hair condition but can be manageable. Whereas if you are like me (wanting it as long as it will grow) you will just be fighting a losing battle if you are using lots of heat very regularly. 

Not Conditioning 

I can't believe that when I used to bleach and straighten my hair I would sometimes not condition. *Facepalm* Looking back it was so damaging to my hair and I could have prevented so much damage if I had taken conditioning seriously. That sounds a bit dramatic but imagine having naturally  very dry skin, using a facial toner everyday and then never moisturising. Your skin would be a mess. 
P.s Using leave in conditioner is probably one of the best styling products I own.

Not knowing your hair.

This may sound like a strange one but I think the best thing you can do for your hair is leave it alone for a few days/weeks. Try to cut out all styling and products and then play around with it. Before I stopped using heat I had not seen my hair in its natural state for over 7 years. I would shower and blow dry it straight away, then straighten. I just never wanted to see it. I altered it so much I had no idea of its actual texture, thickness, natural moisture levels etc. I used more heat than necessary out of habit. If I had known all of these things I could have prevented a lot more damage without even changing my habits too much.

Going Six Years Without a Hair Cut.

 I don't actually have any advice haircuts. I have never had a good one. I will say that hair tends to even itself out quite quickly if its cut a bit unevenly but breakage will only get worse if you ignore it.


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