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10 Natural Hair Boosters!

Here is a list of great natural hair conditioners, many can be found in your kitchen cupboard. Warning: Some are more pleasant than others...


The proteins that are contained within yogurt can be nourishing and strengthen hair. Yogurt contains zinc and lactic acid which are know to help with blood circulation to the scalp and help with hair growth. Many people mix it with honey and bananas for a delicious hair mask!


Honey is one of my favourite natural conditioners for hair. There is just something really nice about it and it smells really good. It is super easy to get hold of and most people will already have some at the back of a cupboard, what a great way to use it up! Honey has antiseptic properties, keeping to scalp healthy as well as being a humectant, which means it keeps hair moist.


Rosewater is know to have moisturising and conditioning properties. It helps scalp inflammations ,increases blood flow to the follicles helping with hair growth and is said to aid dandruff. It also happens to smell lovely. I add it to a lot of hair recipes for this purpose. To apply mix a few drops in with your conditioner or add to your favourite oil as a pre-poo.

Olive Oil

Olive oil is a personal favourite of mine as most people have it at home just waiting to be transformed into a hair mask or hot oil treatment. To make a hot oil treatment, heat the oil until it is hot but still comfortable to the touch and apply to the ends of the hair. Some people add other things but I like it straight up.

Catnip or Catmint

I only found out about catnip or catmint having moisturising properties just before writing this and it really surprised me! It also has the ability to strengthen hair, help decrease split ends and make hair shinier! It sounds wonderful! It is definitely on my list to try as I am hoping it will make cats love me and follow me everywhere! :)


Malt and hops found in beer are full of protein which essential for strong, healthy hair. This is very helpful to repair damaged hair as the proteins bind to the hair patching up lost ones. Beer also contains B-vitamins that tighten the hair cuticle, allowing light to bouncy off the hair more easily which restore shine!


Eggs are great as they contain lots of protein. Our hair is made up of about 70% protein known as keratin and because of this eggs can help strengthen the hair strand. To apply mix an egg and about 1-2tbsp of olive oil in a bowl and apply to clean hair. Leave in the hair for around 10 minutes. Repeating too often can lead to protein overload so leave to about once a month.


Avocado Oil is well known as being a great oil for improving hair condition but did you know that applying it to the hair in its fruit form is also a great way to treat your hair? Avocados are loaded with vitamins B and E that can help strengthen hair and treat damaged scalps. Both of these are key to maintaing length or growing hair.


If your bananas are looking a little overripe what a great way to use them up! Combine them with yogurt for a great way to add some extra moisture! Bananas can be effective as they contain potassium which is key to maintaining healthy hair and a deficiency can actually lead to hair loss! They also contain vitamin B6 which many people claim they have found helpful for thicker and stronger hair, but there is little scientific evidence to substantiate this. Although again a deficiency in B6 can lead to hair loss.


Apparently so. If you are perhaps a little brave than myself, mayo actually has a lot of ingredients in it that are great for the hair. Eggs are great to provide some protein, Oil is great to seal in moisture and vinegar for removing build up and closing the hair shaft leading to shinier hair.

Do you guys have any natural ingredients you like to use?

Let me know!


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