Sunday, 4 May 2014

Microfibre Towel For Hair

I got a micro fibre towel a few days ago and it's really good! Mine actually isn't actually a towel but is kind of a head wrap design that is meant to be worn in a 'turban' style. I got it for about £2 in a discount beauty shop near where I live which I thought was a great price. The 'turban' design isn't really all that effective and to me is unnecessary. I would have preferred a regular towel but for £2 I'm not complaining!
 It soaks up water very quickly and really reduces drying time which is great! It makes washing my hair in the morning and leaving the house with soaking wet hair a bit more realistic. It is also lovely and soft and a lot ore pleasant to keep on my head than a t-shirt, which gets cold and soggy. Whilst I still think using a cotton t-shirt is a great hack for drying hair, a micro fibre towel is a bit more absorbant, a bit nicer to use and just a step up really. If you can find one for under £5, which is very doable, then I very much recommend getting one.

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