Sunday, 4 May 2014

Microfibre Towel For Hair

I got a micro fibre towel a few days ago and it's really good! Mine actually isn't actually a towel but is kind of a head wrap design that is meant to be worn in a 'turban' style. I got it for about £2 in a discount beauty shop near where I live which I thought was a great price. The 'turban' design isn't really all that effective and to me is unnecessary. I would have preferred a regular towel but for £2 I'm not complaining!
 It soaks up water very quickly and really reduces drying time which is great! It makes washing my hair in the morning and leaving the house with soaking wet hair a bit more realistic. It is also lovely and soft and a lot ore pleasant to keep on my head than a t-shirt, which gets cold and soggy. Whilst I still think using a cotton t-shirt is a great hack for drying hair, a micro fibre towel is a bit more absorbant, a bit nicer to use and just a step up really. If you can find one for under £5, which is very doable, then I very much recommend getting one.

Thursday, 1 May 2014

Curly Hair Must Haves!

This is a list of all the things that make my life a million times easier. I use all of these products all the time and I would never have gotten through my transition period without them! I would especially recommend these products if you are newly embracing your curls as I think they give a good solid base for hair care and styling.

Wide Tooth Comb/Tangle Teezer
As much as I like finger detangling, sometimes it just won't do. My hair tangles easily and needs something a bit finer than my fingers. Many people love wide tooth combs and whilst I do too, I find that a Tangle Teezer is just a bit better for knots. I use them both for different things and together they keep my tangle tangle free.

Satin cap/Satin Pillowcase
A satin cap is such a curl saving product! It really does stop over night frizz, meaning more good hair days, less hair washing and much more time saving. It reduces breakage as it is more gentler than your average pillowcase and keeps natural oils in. It's great start and can be bought for a few pounds/dollars but if you have more cash try a satin pillowcase, they are less hassle than a cap and in a similar way to your hair they will also protect your skin overnight.

Old Cotton T-shirt/Microfibre Cloth
Using your regular old towel to dry your hair is not always a great idea. Towels cause a lot of frizz as they are rough against the hair and can cause some breakage too. A micro fibre cloth is great for soaking up excess water gently reducing drying time. Using an old cotton t-shirt is also much gentler and is also better than a towel at soaking up water. It is a lot easier to wrap around your head than a towel and actually stays on. It is something we probably all have so give it a go!

A Hair Oil 
My favourite is Coconut Oil. I love the stuff it is so versatile, smells lovely and I even use it to take off my eye-makeup! I have written about it a lot before, but basically the reason it is so good for hair is that it is able to penetrate the hair shaft, nourishing from the inside as well as the outside. There are a lot of great hair oils out there, such as Avocado oil or Argan Oil, it takes a bit of trial and era to figure out which is best for you.

Elastic Hair Bands (No metal)
A pretty standard on for most people, but make us sure they do not have the metal bits on them. They will get caught in your hair causing damage and breakage.

Hair Pins/Slides
So simple, but so much can be achieved with some strategic placement of hair slides. They can be used to weigh down the hair whilst drying if volume is an issue, keeping unruly curls in their place, creating new styles, keeping pesky curls from your eyes, protecting hair during sleep etc... The list goes on, basically endless possibilities. You will undoubtedly lose all of them within 2 days and continue to find them around the house. Who hasn't scavenged for them in old make-up bags and drawers in times of need?

Curly hair often takes quite a lot longer than our straight and wavy counterparts, mine for instance takes around a day to dry fully. The wet look is cool and all but leaving the house looking drenched it not always the look I am going for. Cue hairdryer with diffuser. Blow drying curly hair without one is just unthinkable and will just cause all of the frizz. The diffuser will, well, diffuse the air and be a lot more gentle allowing curls to form rather than blowing them into oblivion

Spray Bottle
Spray bottles are great to use for next day hair. If my hair has gone awry over night then spritzing it with some water is a great way to get the curls to 'reset'. I also like to use it when I put product on wet hair. Sometimes I can tell straight away I have used too much product and spraying with water is great to counteract this.

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