Tuesday, 15 April 2014

3 Ways to Preserve Curls Overnight.


Keeping curls in place overnight can be a real pain. Washing everyday is bad, but often we find ourselves needing to because sleep takes such a toll on our curls. I used to always find myself waking up looking like I had been dragged through a bush. So what can we do to protect our hair during sleep?

Satin Cap or Satin/Silk Pillowcase

The thing I value most to keep my hair intact during sleep is my Satin Cap. It really is a glorious thing. My hair stays in tact and is still smooth and silky the next day. Satin is much less rough, than your average cotton pillowcase which can rub against the hair during sleep and cause frizz and damage and breakage. Cotton also draws moisture from the hair and skin, dehydrating it. I used to use a Satin Cap but have recently upgraded to a Silk Pillowcase which is better because it also protects the skin.


When I first started embracing my natural curls I heard a lot about 'Pineappling' but dismissed it for some reason. I don't really know why, but I think it seemed to me a bit like a trend which is then shortly forgotton. But once since I gave it a real go, I haven't looked back. It has really helped protect my curls overnight. I use a satin ribbon to secure the hair as I think it is gentler than a hair band and allows for me to really be in control of how tight I tie it.

Keeping it Hydrated

Yes. I know, you already knew this. But keeping on top of making sure your hair is hydrated and healthy is just so important. Properly hydrated, healthy hair will be more resilient and less prone to frizz overnight. I often do hair masks overnight as it not only allows the mask to work more effectively on your hair (not the sleep, the time aspect) but whilst the mask in on your hair it will be a bit more protected. I also often use a small amount coconut oil overnight as a way to get a bit more moisture in.

Since I have started doing these simple things I find that I actually prefer my hair the day after. I now wash my hair in the evening with time to let it dry and save myself so much valuable morning time rather than wash in the morning and have wet hair all day. All these things also allows me to have 2nd and 3rd day hair, which is not only more convenient but much better for my hair than washing more frequently. 

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  1. Great post! My hair is still in the short stage, and I have a lot of shrinkage so pineappling still doesn't work too much for me in a wash n go. I'm trying to figure out the perfect nighttime preservation method.

    I do use a satin pillowcase and I notice that I don't have any frizz, which is really good. You have some good tips up here! Cheers :)



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