Friday, 11 April 2014

Flaxseed & Honey Hair Gel - Update and Results.

So I have been using the Flaxseed Honey Hair Gel I made a few days ago and I love what it does to my hair!

And these are second day curls.

It has kept the curls soft but still defined them really, really well! I have the tiniest amount of crunch, but that is really probably down to me using a little bit much and by the second day it was gone anyway. Another thing I love is that after using it my hair feels soft and healthy, in a way that I have never felt after a shop bought product, even if it claims to be conditioning. It also makes for great second day curls. I am very impressed with how long it will hold the curls without making them stiff at all.

Close up of Curls.
I will definitely be making again! I am also really looking forward to experimenting with the recipe a bit, perhaps trying it with a different oil and essential oils.

P.s Apologies for my terrible photography. 



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