Saturday, 29 March 2014

Hood Dryer Review for Curly Hair

Price: £8 and upwards.

I bought a soft bonnet hood dryer recently and I am torn. I really, really want to like it. I love the idea that I can just put it on my head and then have two free hands to complete other tasks, which in the morning is badly needed. I managed to find one for £8 inc. delivery from Amazon and was so excited when it came. 

Soft Bonnet Hood Dryer.

It has a toggle that tightens to keep in your head, which I was instantly sceptical about, but it actually works really well. I had seen a lot of product reviews for other models from people saying that it would just not stay on, once they turned on the hairdryer but this one is great (as long as you don't want full speed, but I don't so its all good. I had also heard of lots of people (again of different models) saying that the tube would just melt when they used it for the first time. But I did my research (dozens of reviews on Amazon) and found a reasonably priced one that seemed legit. And it was no melting great, all good so far.

So the first time I used it I thought everything was going great ( I had seen a LOT of bad reviews, hence my paranoia and how easily pleased I am) and I was very happy. It took longer than I had thought to dry my hair but I am often too optimistic and realistically there is no reason why it should dry my hair much faster than just a diffuser. I take it off my head and as somewhat expected my hair is a bit bonnet shaped from being in the hood so I try to shake it out, nothing happens. I spray it with some water and try again, nothing happens. I try to pull the curls apart, nope won't budge. My curls were also much tighter than normal (which is fine, just not my look) and very flat against my head. My hair looked more like a hat, then a hairstyle.

 There is no faulting the product at all, it did its job really well and I'm sure the dryer works well for some it just didn't for me. I have tried it once since and got the same result. I really want it to work though so I am going to play around with it a bit more and hopefully post some pictures of the results, good or bad. I imagine that it would work great if you were putting your hair in rollers and like I said there is no faulting the product, it was just the wrong thing for my hair.

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