Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Online Resources for Curly Hair.

These are some of my favourite online resources that I go to for curly hair information, advice, product reviews, hair recipes etc. I will add to this list every time I find or remember something I think should be added.

Naturally curly really is the go to place for advice, tips, tricks and some great articles. The forums are also really great places to ask for advice from other people or find info out, such as good hairdressers in your area etc. It also has all the info you could ever need on co-washing and the CG method and hair typing (if you find typing useful, some people don't really like it, which is cool)

 - Refinery29's hair section always so some curly hair related article on its front page and there are loads of great articles in its back collection. What I really like is that a lot of them seem to be really positive about curly hair, rather than 'how to straighten' and that sort of thing. (Not that straightening is a bad thing! Its just very much over done and so many treat curly hair like its a problem that needs to be 'solved'.

These two people from NYC are more than simply product reviews and tips, they delve a bit deeper into how curls are perceived in society but still find time to deliver hair recipes and a great dictionary of natural hair products. 

Beauty Crush is a 24 year old blogger/ vlogger from London who is more of a general beauty blogger rather then a hair one, but she is great for anyone who uses weaves especially. She is all over the social media but you can access all her stuff from her blog, linked above. I especially like her youtube channel for advice.

Veronica meza

Veronica Meza is a musician/curly hair blogger whose hair I really like. She has some great tips and methods and what I really like is that they are all really easy and everyday. Some curly websites/ resources I see you need a dictionary with you but Veronica is really relatable and has some really simple but useful and well explained ideas.


Waterlily716 aka Sarah is a blogger who is all about her amazing 3a/3b curls. She does really easy to follow videos every week and is a great source for new info/advice on a regular basis. Her channel is also really well set out so it is easy to find advice on specific topics. She does a really good mixture of videos for curly hair from product review to methods and advice. Her channel is a deep well of new, accessible info!

Dorm Room Curly

Dorm Room Curly is famous for her explanation of the CG method and I personally love it. It is so easy and concise and really has cleared up so many confusions I have had about the method. I would recommend it as the first stop for finding out about the method and wish it had been the first place I had seen! The link is straight to the CG guide but the rest of her blog is also really great.

Science-y Hair Blog

Science-y Hair Blog is really great. It is a well of info about the science of hair and can be really informative. Not only does it have all of the science behind how our hair works and what it needs but this is put into practice with some great recipes and a great product list of different needs. She also does hair sample analysis, which I have been told is fantastic at goosefootprints on Etsy.


Hair Romance is not specifically for curly hair but the creator, Christina, has curly hair and admits to also struggling with it for a long time. It is a great place to go if you are looking for new hairstyles and ideas!


Sounds strange but Buzzfeed actually has a lot of pretty informative articles on curly hair. I am pretty sure I have read all of them by now and a lot of them have some great advice and hacks and some are just plain funny.

Huffington Post

So, another weird one but again The Huffington Post actually has a lot of articles about or useful for curly hair. Now I haven't read all of them at all but just by clicking the link you will see how many they have. What I find strange but sadly unsurprising is that they have WAY more than most long established fashion and beauty magazines.


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