Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Caudalie Vinosource Range & Launch.

Caudalie Vinosource range. Moisturising Sorbet for Sensitive Skin, Moisturising Mattifying Fluid for Combination Skin,Moisture Recovery Cream for Dry Skin, Intense Moisture Rescue Cream for Very Dry Skin.
Caudalie Vinosource range.
 Caudalie have launched their new Vinosource range! Last week I was very luck to attend the Vinosource launch in London and I am very excited to talk about the moisturisers from the range. There are 4 moisturisers, the Moisturising Sorbet for Sensitive Skin, the Moisturising Mattifying Fluid for Combination Skin, the Moisture Recovery Cream for Dry Skin and the Intense Moisture Rescue Cream for Very Dry Skin. All of which are now out in store and online.

Caudalie Blogging Event, Vinosource Launch Party.
Such a beautiful party, roses, cotton candy & cocktails! Shame my camera died after about 10 minutes...
The range uses grape water, to sooth and hydrate skin, whilst strengthen and nourishing. It is also free from parabans, phenoxyethanol, mineral oils, sodium laureth sulfate and animal ingredients. I have been using the Moisturising Mattifying Fluid and have been seeing some great results from it.

I have a bit of a tricky relationship with moisturisers, my skin is combination, with very oily areas but it's also very sensitive. I suffer with acne, scarring and a lot of redness, means I have to be super careful with what I use lest I face the consequences. Having such oily patches, means my makeup also likes to slide of my skin, landslide style, after only a few hours. Whilst dryness is never an issue, redness and sensitivity really are, meaning my skin does need looking after and soothing.

Caudalie Moisturising Mattifying Fluid for Combination Skin.
Caudalie Moisturising Mattifying Fluid for Combination Skin.
I give you this, rather unpleasant sounding, analysis of my skin just to demonstrate how gentle the Moisturising Mattifying Fluid really is. It is an oil free formula that helps mattify the skin but still hydrates it. I have noticed my makeup has been staying on longer since using it and also applying really smoothly. My skin has also been feeling softer and I have noticed an improvement in it's overall texture. It hasn't triggered any breakouts since using it and it has also helped keep my redness a little under control. It's also great as a little goes a long way, spreading and absorbing really nicely into the skin.

Are you a Caudalie Fan?

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Sunday, 17 April 2016

5 Amazing Vegetarian & Vegan Blogs.

The Tofu Diaries, Sprouted Kitchen, Oh She Glows, The Post Punk Kitchen
Clockwise: The Tofu Diaries, Sprouted Kitchen, Oh She Glows, The Post Punk Kitchen x 2.
I am a vegetarian but eat about a 90% vegan diet. I love to cook, but I'm super lazy. I am also really fussy about what I eat and am very indecisive. This makes dinner time somewhat... challenging. In order to make life a little easier I have a stash of amazing vegetarian and vegan blogs that I turn too when nothing is taking my fancy and I need some inspiration!

The PPK/The Post Punk Kitchen -  Run by the wonderful Isa Chandra-Moskowitz, really is the vegan holy grail. I have all of her books and I reach for them constantly! The PPK is amazing because it has hundreds and hundreds of recipes, all different cuisines, but all equally delicious. I have been so inspired by all of Isa's recipes over the years with some of my favourites being Everyday Pad Thai & Black Bean & Quinoa Soup If you are looking to impress, then this is the place for you! Isa also writes amazing cookbooks and even though I love going online for recipes, these are worth having a hard copy of!

The Tofu Diaries/Natalie Tamara - Natalie is a gifted food photographer who makes really tasty but really healthy recipes that seriously give me the hunger. Her recipes are so easy to follow and she uses a lot of really basic ingredients that are readily available. Although simple her recipes are still inventive and I really look forward to cooking them! Natalie also writes about other things too like Travel and her site is a lovely place to spend an hour!

Oh She Glows - Oh she Glows has been a favourite of mine for a while now. Angela creates such delicious recipes that are super healthy but also manage to feel really indulgent at the same time. Angela started Oh She Glows as a way to record her recovery from an eating disorder and show the impact that food has on our lives. As someone who has been through something similar I really relate to not only her story but also her focus on feeding to body and nutrition but still enjoying the process and feeling healthy and nourished. Just take a look at her Next Level Vegan Enchiladas and try and tell me your not hungry.

Sprouted Kitchen - Two words. Food Porn. Sprouted Kitchen both makes me hungry and envious. It is such a beautiful blog, simple, clean and so well crafted! It's a vegetarian blog but they also have loads of great vegan recipes that are really veg focussed, healthy and nutritious. What I love about Sprouted Kitchen is that everything is just a little bit fancy and special but still relatively simple to cook using pretty basic ingredients!

Buzzfeed - It sounds weird but Buzzfeed are actually a deep well of Vegetarian and Vegan knowledge! They're more of a place to find other peoples recipes, rather than their own but I have found so many new blogs to follow through them! They write great themed lists, like 41 Delicious Vegan Thanksgiving Recipes (not so relevant in the UK, but still delicious) and its great if you wanna try out some new recipes.

Have you got a favourite Vegetarian/Vegan Blog?

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Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Why I Don't Speak Out More...

Think of this as me hiding under my duvet from Twitter and potentially letting my tea go cold in the process.
I have realised that, for my sanity, I have to take a regular Twitter detox. I find Twitter so incredibly stressful nowadays, to the point where it is keeping me up at night worrying, stressing and getting annoyed over it. There are a number of reasons I find Twitter so stressful but the main one that plays on my mind is to do with how people engage with each other about politics, beliefs etc. People who are 'engaged' with the issues on both ends of the political and social spectrum. People who are vocal and will discuss these issues.

 I don't mean that I dislike these people because I, too am one at heart. Part of me wants to join in and call people out in their crap and post about issues I care about. I want people to know that I care, that I am engaged. That I have been very active in feminist, anti cuts, anti fascist movements since I was a teenager, I've founded groups, organised big demonstrations, spent hundreds of hours in endless meetings. You probably would never know that from my social media/ blog feed though. I find it uncomfortable to talk about. I just get so stressed talking about these things on social media because of the hate from both sides.

 On the one hand, I can't cope with the shit from straight up trolls. I wish I could call people out on their shit more, because I see so much vileness, but I just can't take it. I get so scared. Maybe that sounds like a cop out but I am just being honest. I personally can't let arguments, even online with people I have never met, go. I won't sleep or eat because of them. They occupy my thoughts constantly. Even ones I had years ago I will still obsess about. It's not good.  I have had a lot of conflict in my life and I just think I am spent. I also suffer badly with anxiety and Twitter is sometimes my biggest trigger.

 I do though think it is important. Some people don't like this way of communicating and just say "others are allowed their opinion" and yes, if you are doing that, that's fine. However people shouldn't just be able to spout hate. And when they are unwilling to change or listen, there isn't always a lot to do but call them out. I do think it's okay to call someone an arsehole, when they are really being one. I have tried navigating the delicate process of effectively calling someone out on their shit, without getting their back up. Making sure that it doesn't just make them hate your argument and counterproductively reaffirm the belief you are trying to explain is problematic, when they may have been open to new ideas. Again though, I find it so difficult and anxiety producing, even when it is civil, I am tenterhooks the entire time. I really do admire people who do both of these things, I think it takes guts. 

Sadly, what I find more difficult though, is shit from the 'other side', if you will. People whose politics align with your own (mostly) but who seem to use it in a bad way. I am talking about those who use their politics as a way of building up some kind of self-importance, so they can knock others down. Judge everyone who isn't as active as they are or as knowledgeable. 

I totally get those who find dealing with triggering shit stressful (I am one) and wanting to call people out but that's not what I am talking about. I am talking about, bascially, snobbery. I don't want to engage in these issues often because I am scared more of the people who agree with me, in principal, more than those who don't. I don't want to engage with a sneering comment thread about how shit everyone else is or get into a subtle contest of who is the better activist. I see this a lot in feminist movements, both online and IRL.

There is a difference between wearing pride and wearing something so that you can put others down who may not have had the same access to education as yourself. I'm not saying take shit from people but there is a difference between someone who is unaware and someone who is hateful. I am NOT saying that people should 'tone' it down or stay silent. I think that would put things so far backwards. But I just see so much disempowerment of others who are an ally because they wanna be better than them. Like they have to prove that they know more, act more, do more, are more. Like they are better. Shouldn't we want everyone to be the best, together? Encourage that if and where we can?

Sure, there are a lot of people who do need to be told to fuck off because their language or actions are damaging to others but I often see more energy spent in being weirdly competitive with each other than uniting. I'm glad that people seem to be coming more aware, it's great and I think will really create positive change but using that knowledge to bring yourself up and push others down puts us further back. It personally stops me interacting and I would bet a lot many others also feel isolated.

 Fearing your allies is worse than fearing your enemies. I think it's a sad time when you are scared of people who should be supportive but would rather judge than be with you. If you find me missing of social media (mostly Twitter) this is probably why. This post is honestly not aimed at anyone specific. It's more of a culture that seems to have emerged and is enacted through varying differing degrees. I have been feeling this way for a really long time and just had to get it off my chest...

Sorry for the rant and I hope that made sense! 

Let me know your thoughts! 

Monday, 4 April 2016

NYX Lip Lingerie.

NYX Lip Lingerie in Lace Detail and Bedroom Flirt.
NYX Lip Lingerie in Lace Detail and Bedroom Flirt.
The past few weeks I have been wearing the NYX Lip Lingerie, every, damn, day. I had been eyeing them up for a while but only got around to ordering them recently. I have been curious to try NYX out for a while, ever since they landed on Boots online. After being tempted by everyone on Instagram, looking so great in the Lip Lingerie, I decided that is where I would start. At only 6.99 each I thought I couldn't go too wrong, so after some pretty intense research (about an hours Instagram spree) I chose the shades Lace Detail and Bedroom Flirt.

The formula is lovely. Very matte but applies smoothly, evenly and is really easy to work with. I find that I don't even really need a lipliner for everyday, making them very quick and perfect for busy mornings. The staying power is amazing. I go most of the day without any reapplication, even after eating a giant burger (Sunday proved this) which means they are super low maintenance. I am terrible with touching up my make up throughout the day and generally rather lazy, so they are an all round winner for me. The staying power however does also mean that they can be a little tricky to remove without the right stuff but anything oil based works a dream!

A slight (but expected) downside is that being so matte, means they are a bit drying. I am someone who suffers with unusually dry lips so I have a bit of a battle wearing any lipstick on a regular basis (it doesn't stop me, of course!) but even I didn't find them any worse than any other matte lip colour, possibly even a little better. As long as I maintain my lips with balm and a lip scrub, like the Lush ones, I am fine, even with my sandpaper lips. God, I am such a catch?!

Are you a NYX fan?

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Saturday, 2 April 2016

Jewellery Favourites!

H&M Crystal Ring and Bracelet Set, Orelia Mini Peace Ring & Cut Out Star band Set, Wolf & Moon 'Ripple Necklace' in Mint.
Clockwise: H&M Crystal Ring and Bracelet Set, Orelia Mini Peace Ring & Cut Out Star band Set, Wolf & Moon 'Ripple Necklace' in Mint.

I have recently been buying a lot more jewellery and I have found some really great pieces. I am a bit of a jewellery obsessive, and have always been known amongst my friends for it. I thought I may as well put my obsession to good use and show you guys what I have been wearing recently and the kinds of things I love! Most of this jewellery, although a bit of a luxury for me, is reasonably priced and pretty affordable and I have got a ton of use out of all of it!

Wolf & Moon 'Ripple Necklace' in Mint.
Wolf & Moon 'Ripple Necklace' in Mint.

Wolf & Moon are a brand I think are amazing. This necklace above is from their Fjordland collection, which is my favourite of theirs but I would happily wear anything they make! I have been wearing this necklace for a few months now and have yet to get tired of it. They also sell some of their designs through ASOS, which is very convenient but for their fun collection check out their website!

Orelia Mini Peace Ring & Cut Out Star Band Set.
Orelia Mini Peace Ring & Cut Out Star Band Set.

The four rings in the picture above are all made by another brand I love, Orelia. I actually bought these from Topshop but first Orelia on ASOS a few months back and have loved their designs ever since. These were a little bit of an impulse buy for me. The Mini Peace Ring was £10 and the Cut Out Star Band Set was £22 so it was kind of a luxury for me and I probably should have, but I am so glad I did! I have been wearing them everyday. The Mini Peace Ring is my favourite but I am really glad I got the set as well as they are great for stacking. The colour of the jewels is also lovely for spring and they really just finish off an outfit nicely.

H&M Crystal Jewellery Set.
H&M Crystal Jewellery Set.
The three rings above and the two crystal bracelets in the background all came together as one set from H&M. At only £12.99 I could not resist as I thought they were such a good price and so pretty. I have  loved this kind of crystal, simple gold set, jewellery for a while now but they are always so expensive  and no matter how beautiful I just can't pay it! So when I found this set I would over the moon! Sure, unclose they do look very plastic and fake but from a few feet away no one would know the difference! Whilst the rings are a little on the large side for me, the bracelets are so delicate but really stunning.

Fair Trade 'House' Earrings.
Fair Trade 'House' Earrings. 

Finally these little guys definitely deserve a mention as I have been wearing them everyday since christmas. My sister bought me these after seeing them in Oklahoma in Manchester. Sadly, I don't think they are available anymore, but there are some similar umbrella versions here, from they same brand. They are really cute and easy to wear and I am so glad to have them as my everyday. go to earrings!

Which is your favourite (if any)?

Let me know!

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